Franklin Hart, Jr. Quotes in 9 to 5 (1980)


Franklin Hart, Jr. Quotes:

  • Violet Newstead: Okay, I'm gonna leave, but let me tell you one thing before I go: don't you *ever* refer to me as "your girl" again.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: What in God's name are you talking about?

    [Doralee enters]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Doralee, now what are we gonna do about this chair?

    Violet Newstead: I'll tell you *exactly* what I'm talking about: I'm no girl; I'm a woman, do you hear me? I'm not your wife - thank God - or your mother...

    [gesturing toward Doralee]

    Violet Newstead: ... or even your mistress.

    Doralee Rhodes: What do you mean, *mistress*?

    Violet Newstead: I am your *employee* and, as such, I expect to be treated with certain things called DIGNITY and EQUALITY and RESPECT!

    Doralee Rhodes: Now, y'all just hold on... What's this "mistress" stuff?

    Violet Newstead: Doralee, come off it already. The whole office knows you two are having an affair.


    Violet Newstead: Who do you think?

    [gestures toward Hart, then slams out of the office]

    Doralee Rhodes: So! You've been telling everybody I'm sleeping with you, huh? Well, that explains why these people treat me like some dime-store floozy. They all think I'm screwing the boss!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: That's not it at all...!

    Doralee Rhodes: Oh, and you just love it, don't you! It gives you some sort of cheap thrill!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Doralee, let's not get excited here...

    Doralee Rhodes: Get your scummy hands off me. Look, I've been straight with you since the first day I got here. And I've put up will all your groping and ogling and hollow apologies, and with being chased around the desk, because I need this job. BUT THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Now, why don't we just sit down and...

    Doralee Rhodes: Look, I've got a gun out there in my purse. And until now, I've been forgiving and forgetting because of the way I was brought up. But I tell you this: If you ever say another word about me or make another indecent proposal, I'm gonna get that gun of mine... And I'm gonna change you from a bishop to a rabbi with one shot!

    [calls back over her shoulder while storming out of the office]

    Doralee Rhodes: DON'T THINK I CAN'T DO IT!

    [slams the door and then keeps going]

    Doralee Rhodes: I need a drink, Roz. I'm taking the rest of the day off.

  • Franklin Hart, Jr.: [Judy's fantasy - she's a big game hunter and Hart is the prey] Judy? Judy, you've got to help me; that mob out there is crazy; they're trying to kill me!

    Judy Bernly: Now, why would they want ot do a nasty little thing like that?

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I don't know! I'm not such a bad guy!

    Judy Bernly: You're a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: So I have a few faults; who doesn't? Is that any reason to kill me?

    Judy Bernly: You're foul, Hart. A wart on the nose of humanity and I'm going to blast it off.

    [she points her shotgun at him]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: [giggling nervously] Judy... Judy... Judy...

    Judy Bernly: Goodbye boss man. It's quittin' time.

  • [in Doralee's fantasy, she's the boss making advances toward her secretary Hart]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Mrs. Rhodes... I am a married man.

    Doralee Rhodes: Forget about your wife! I mean, you may be hers in the evening, but you're my boy from nine to five!

  • Franklin Hart, Jr.: [Hart is about to be "promoted," and shanghaied from CC to Brazil, by Tinsworthy] ... Mister Tinsworthy, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this; but...

    Tinsworthy: So you accept. Very good. Let's just go on up to Hinkle's office and work out the details, shall we?

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: ...How can I move to Brazil?

    Tinsworthy: Oh, we're talking about an indefinite leave of absence. I'll have my own people liquidate your assets, so you won't need to hire a house-sitter. And you've done an incredible job of training your assistants, so we'll let them take over. Violet, how would you like to fill this man's shoes?

    [He doesn't even wait for her response]

    Tinsworthy: Good. The spot's yours. Keep making us proud.

    [She beams, while Tinsworthy marches Hart into the elevator]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Mister Tinsworthy, the jungle...!

    Tinsworthy: Hell, man! I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime! Two or three years down there, and you'll never wanna come back. Besides, I hear your wife just *loves* to travel.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: My *wife*?... Two or three years? Oh, God... Mister Tinsworthy...

    Tinsworthy: [firmly cutting him off] Hart! Let me make this perfectly clear: I didn't get where I'm at today by taking "no" for an answer!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: [feebly as the elevator doors close] Brazil...? I guess it beats Alcatraz.

  • [the captive Franklin Hart, tied down to his bed, has just been informed by the ladies about finding a company owned warehouse empty]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: An empty warehouse? What's wrong with that?

    Violet Newstead: That's what Billy Sol Estes said, and they gave him 15 years for embezzlement.

    Judy Bernly: That warehouse is supposed to be filled with inventory from Consolidated.

    Doralee Rhodes: But you sold it, and you pocketed the money.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: You'll never be able to prove that.

    Violet Newstead: Well, I am going to order the invoices from the head office on Monday. I think you'll see the light when they arrive.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: [getting angry] You start tangling with me and you'd better be prepared to play very rough. I am not going to be stopped by three dim-witted broads! I'm going to get...

    [struggling against the ropes]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I'm gonna get loose. I'm gonna get loose even if I have to kill someone to do it!

  • [Violet's fantasy - she's Snow White and Hart is the villain]

    Violet Newstead: Your coffee, Mr. Hart.

    [Hart drinks the coffee, steam comes from his ears, he screams and his head spins around on his neck]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I think there was something in that coffee.

    Violet Newstead: I think you're right.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I think it was poison.

    Violet Newstead: Right again.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I think you did it.

    Violet Newstead: [singing] Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    [sticks tongue out]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Why?

    Violet Newstead: Why do you think?

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Because I'm a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot?

    Violet Newstead: Bingo.

  • [Hart mistakenly believes Doralee, Violet and Judy have attempted to murder him]

    Doralee Rhodes: But it really was a mistake, Mr. Hart, Violet put the poison in strictly by *accident*!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Oh really? Well, she might be able to get a jury to believe that; then again, she might not. But I think the real question here is whether or not *you* want to take that chance.

    Doralee Rhodes: Just what are you driving at?

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: It's very simple. You come over to my house tonight and I forget the whole thing.

    Doralee Rhodes: You are *disgusting*!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Is that a "no"? Too bad.

  • Judy Bernly: You gave me your word that you wouldn't escape if I loosened the ropes.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I lied!

  • [repeated line]

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Holy shit!

  • Violet Newstead: [Hart has recently stolen Violet's plan for color-coding CC's accounts, presenting said plan as his own; Violet let him do so, hoping that he'll compensate by giving her a promotion scheduled for the near future. But, instead... ] ... How dare you give that promotion to *Bob Enright* instead of me! I've got *five years* seniority over him!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I know that. Don't go flying off the handle, now...

    Violet Newstead: For Chrissakes, I *trained* him - just like I trained *you*!

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: I know that, too, but the Company...

    Violet Newstead: Don't you give me that song-and-dance about the Company! It was *your* decision; *you* promoted him; just tell me why.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: First of all, Bob does have a college degree...

    Violet Newstead: What kind? Is it a Master's Degree, like mine? Or is it just a Bachelor's Degree?

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: ...It's an Associate's Degree.

    Violet Newstead: Oh, *brilliant*! While he's earning his pathetic little *Associate's* Degree, I'm working my hands to the bone for this Company!

    Violet Newstead: Second of all, Bob does have a wife and a newborn child to support...

    Violet Newstead: And *I'm* just a *widow*, with *four teenagers*? Since when does that make a difference, anyhow? Especially to you; you can't stand kids! That's not exactly classified information around here.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Violet. My hands are tied here. *The Company needs a MAN in this position*. Surveys show that clients would rather deal with men when it comes to figures.

    Violet Newstead: Oh, now I get it. I lose a promotion because of some idiotic, biased *survey*. The Boys in the Club are all threatened and intimidated by any woman who doesn't ride at the back of the proverbial bus.

    Franklin Hart, Jr.: Spare me the Women's Lib crap, all right? Now, I know how you feel, and I understand.

    Violet Newstead: How could you understand, when you've never been passed over for being the wrong gender?

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