Franklin Frank Quotes in Nickelodeon (1976)


Franklin Frank Quotes:

  • Franklin Frank: Any jerk can direct.

  • Leo Harrigan: Frank, to be quite frank, I don't know how to do it.

    Franklin Frank: Do what?

    Leo Harrigan: Direct.

    Franklin Frank: You don't?

    Leo Harrigan: No.

    Franklin Frank: Gee.

    Leo Harrigan: Don't just say "gee", I'm a nervous wreck.

  • Franklin Frank: It's real simple, you'll have no problem.

    Leo Harrigan: I won't?

    Franklin Frank: Hell, no, any jerk can direct. Now you see over there? Marty & Kingsley putting on their makeup? Those are the actors.

    Leo Harrigan: Thank you very much.

    Franklin Frank: Okay, now you see over there? That box on the sticks? John's putting a blanket on it. That's the camera. Now the first thing you do is tell me where to put it.

    Leo Harrigan: I'm about to.

    Franklin Frank: No - I'm the cameraman.

  • Franklin Frank: Okay, then you tell the actors what you want them to do in front of the camera, you tell me to crank it, and when you've had enough you just tell me to cut.

    Leo Harrigan: Cut?

    Franklin Frank: Then you do the same thing all over again with the next scene, and well, that's it.

    Leo Harrigan: That's it?

    Franklin Frank: That's it.

    Leo Harrigan: That's all D.W. Griffith does?

    Franklin Frank: Sure, more or less. They tell me Griffith doesn't say "cut", he says "cease".

    Leo Harrigan: Griffith says "cease". Well, I can do that.

    Franklin Frank: Then you can direct. Let's go.

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