Frank T. Hopkins Quotes in Hidalgo (2004)


Frank T. Hopkins Quotes:

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Mister... you can say anything you want about me. I'm gonna have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way.

  • Prince Bin Al Reeh: You will not defeat me. I am born of a great tribe, People of the Horse.

    Frank T. Hopkins: So am I.

  • Aziz: You are most wise to tie your horse. Were he to cover an Arab mare,

    [... ]

    Aziz: the foal would have to be destroyed before it touches the ground... as would the sire.

    Frank T. Hopkins: [to Hidalgo] You hear that? Keep your pride tucked.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Nobody hurts my horse.

  • Jazira: I do not know if you are a good as it is said, but I have faith in the painted stallion. It is said that you captured him in the wild.

    Frank T. Hopkins: Badlands. Long time ago.

    Jazira: How did you tame him?

    Frank T. Hopkins: I didn't.

  • [last lines]

    Frank T. Hopkins: Let 'er buck.

  • Preston Webb: I didn't join this race to finish in second place!

    Frank T. Hopkins: Why did you then?

  • Sheik Riyadh: [Frank offers his Colt to the Sheik] I lost the race.

    Frank T. Hopkins: But you won a friend.

  • [the Sheik offers to shake Frank's hand]

    Frank T. Hopkins: What about your ability to tell the future?

    Sheik Riyadh: If I had the ability to foretell the future, perhaps I would have bet on a painted horse.

  • Sheik Riyadh: And you, an unbeliever in the tent of a man who can trace his very blood back to Adam, you will be removed of your infidel self.

    Frank T. Hopkins: Removed of my what?

    Sheik Riyadh: Like a stallion not worthy of breeding.

  • Jazira: The Indians of the West. You have seen their vanishing kind?

    Frank T. Hopkins: I am their kind.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Get out of here mister. Leave me be.

    Yusef: This is not possible...I was charged with the crime of stealing milk. As punishment I have been assigned to the American and his horse.

    Frank T. Hopkins: You're working for me?

    Yusef: It was this or be removed of my left hand. The future will tell if I have chosen poorly.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Only fools or gamblers walk behind a stange mare, Sheikh! You can believe that.

    Sheik Riyadh: Is that a passage from the Bible?

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Gift from above.

    [picks up the dead loctus and takes a bit]

    Frank T. Hopkins: Once you get past the legs its not to bad.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: I'm not a gambling man.

    Sheik Riyadh: Quite the contrary. You are gambling with your very life!

  • Jazira: I would know you only as a white man.

    Frank T. Hopkins: Maybe I got good at hiding my face, too.

  • Jazira: [without niqab] Why do I feel that you truly see me when others do not?

    Frank T. Hopkins: Well, my horse likes ya.

  • [first lines]

    Frank T. Hopkins: [to Hidalgo] C'mon little brother. Checkout time. Yeah.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Tell him to fetch more water.

    [Yusef yells at the slave boy in Arabic and sends him off with a kick]

    Frank T. Hopkins: Hey.

    [hands Yusef another bucket]

    Frank T. Hopkins: You, too.

    Yusef: Why do you buy this boy, anyway?

    Frank T. Hopkins: Someone has to do your work, goatherder!

  • Frank T. Hopkins: [after Hidalgo has thrown him off] You're lucky this gun's got blanks.

    [trips off banner fence]

  • Aziz: What shall I tell his Excellency?

    Frank T. Hopkins: You can tell him pound sand for all I care.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: [put his hat down next to Hidalgo] Well, what do you make of it so far?

    [Hidalgo picks up Hopkins' hat with his mouth]

    Frank T. Hopkins: Nope, too late to turn back now.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: [sees the sandstorm] What in hellfire...?

  • Frank T. Hopkins: I'd take a warm gin over ice any day, General.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: Western justice, partner.

  • Frank T. Hopkins: For a man of such high rank you're kind of short, Aziz.

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