Frank Riley Quotes in *batteries not included (1987)


Frank Riley Quotes:

  • Frank Riley: The quickest way to end a miracle is to ask it why it is... or what it wants.

  • Marissa: Maybe this is all a dream.

    Mason: Well, if this is a dream which one of us is having it?

    Frank Riley: Hey, don't look at me. I stopped dreaming a long time ago.

  • Frank Riley: Where's the goddam toaster?

  • Frank Riley: Say 'ah.'

    Faye Riley: No. Muriel and I say 'frohhg.'

    Frank Riley: Okay, say 'frohhh.'

  • Frank Riley: Where'd you get a new picture?

    Faye Riley: It's not new. It's fixed.

    Frank Riley: Fixed like new?

    Faye Riley: They did a good job.

    Frank Riley: Who did?

    Faye Riley: I ain't saying.

    Frank Riley: GOD DAMMIT, FAYE!

  • Faye Riley: Hey Frank, guess what I did.

    Frank Riley: What now?

    Faye Riley: I named those little guys. Flotsam and Jetsam, isn't that cute?

    Frank Riley: Yeah cute.

    Faye Riley: Be nice, Papa.

    Frank Riley: I'm always nice.

  • Frank Riley: [a construction worker is driving a demolition machine towards the cafe] Hey! You ever hear of private property?

    Gus: Just coming for a hamburger, Pop.

    Frank Riley: Hah! You got alotta nerve. Get your food somewheres else.

  • Gus: Got the place back in Business, Pops?

    Frank Riley: What's it look like?

  • Frank Riley: [to the robotic things] Welcome to America!

  • Frank Riley: [Stunned during the chess match] Hold on! You've played this game before!

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