Frank Harris Quotes in The Day After Tomorrow (2004)


Frank Harris Quotes:

  • Jason Evans: What's happening?

    Frank Harris: The whole damn shelf is breaking off!

  • [Franks falls through a shopping mall's roof and hangs by his rope]

    Jack Hall: Frank! Are you all right?

    Frank Harris: I'm fine! Just dropped in to do a little shopping.

  • Frank Harris: [to Jack] Forget it, Jack. It's too late. You're not gonna make it.

  • [first lines]

    Frank Harris: See how it's done?

    Jason Evans: Yeah, I think I got the hang of it.

  • Frank Harris: Noids do not have sex with doodles. Right? Noids do no have sex with doodles! It's the oldest law in Cool World. I've never had to enforce it. You cross that line, I'll slap you around and make you piss like a puppy.

    [Deebs and Harris watch Holli Would dance]

    Frank Harris: Jack, you think she's got a thing for you, don't you? That's sweet. But don't flatter yourself. She's a waste of ink. Truth is she's been after me and every other noid who's come though here. It's just that no one's been insane enough to get involved with her. You keep your pencil in your pocket. Know what I mean?

  • Jack Deebs: I'm a cartoonist. I drew all this. I have visions. I translate this.

    Frank Harris: You do nothing, man. This place exists with or without you. You believe me, right? I'm not one of your creations.

    Jack Deebs: Right. You're not pretty enough.

    Frank Harris: Good one. Have a seat.

  • Jack Deebs: What are you doing here, Harris?

    Frank Harris: I'm taking you and the bimbo back.

    Jack Deebs: What are you gonna do, shoot me? Why don't you shoot me, God damn it? Shoot me, Harris!

    Frank Harris: Don't push me! Don't push me! You just couldn't take a piece of good advice, could you? No, Jack, you had to listen to your Johnson.

    Jack Deebs: I've had enough of you, Harris! I've had enough of you, God damn it!

    Frank Harris: You've had enough of me? You've had enough of me, you piece of shit? You screwed us all for a piece of ass? And you've had enough of me? Where is she?

  • Frank Harris: A little late for a lady to be out on the streets, don't you think? I've got a couple of questions for you, miss.

    Lonette: Oh, come on, officer. Let it slide, would you? I'm tired.

    Frank Harris: Word is you have a thing for noids.

    Lonette: Yeah, I've got a thing for noids, but what's it to you, tough guy?

    Frank Harris: Baby, you don't know how tough it is.

    Lonette: You're late.

    Frank Harris: Ah, you're killing me. Why are you so beautiful?

  • Frank Harris: Hey, sexy.

    Lonette: It's the man with the badge.

    Frank Harris: In the flesh.

    Lonette: Don't remind me.

    Frank Harris: How can I help it? What are you doing to me? You're messing me up.

    Lonette: Oh, honey, you're tense. It's Holli again, isn't it?

    Frank Harris: Yeah, Miss Holli Would-if-she-could. That dame. You heard anything?

    Lonette: Now you know I don't listen to that sleazy cow.

    Frank Harris: Don't. Just don't.

    Lonette: But why?

    Frank Harris: Because we can never finish it, Lonette. It's frustrating. I'm like a plug without a socket, you know?

  • Frank Harris: Baby, you and me, I can't have that in the real world. I can't live without you. But I can't be with you. What do you do, huh? What do you do?

    Lonette: Well, we're just going to have to pretend, then, aren't we?

  • Holli Would: You want to know what it is about you that really kicks my ass, Harris?

    Frank Harris: How about my foot?

  • Frank Harris: When your partner gets inked, you do something about it. He was your partner, so you do something.

    Lonette: Well, I'm not buying it.

    Frank Harris: How about a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

    Lonette: Can't you use think about me for a minute, Frank? I mean, where does this leave me?

    Frank Harris: What are you mad about?

    Lonette: I'm mad because you talk about crossing and you don't even care how it makes me feel!

    Frank Harris: I don't even care? How do you feel?

    Lonette: Left out!

    Frank Harris: You think I want to go back there? You think I want to go back?

    Lonette: Now why wouldn't you want to go back? That's real to you, isn't it?

    Frank Harris: Let me tell you something about over there. It hurts over there. It's lonely over there. It's a war over there. They got 8 million ways for you to die on and they're all permanent. This is real for me, this with you. If I want to stay with you, I gotta go back.

  • Frank Harris: [to Holli Would, now human] You know, sweetheart, you look good in flesh. It's almost a shame I gotta take you back. You are going back, you know?

  • Lonette: So did you do it while you were back there in the real world? Did you do it while you were real? Do you ever think about going back there so you can?

    Frank Harris: There's no reason now.

    Lonette: Well, then, we're just going to have to stop pretending now, aren't we?

  • Tom Reese: Well, what makes you think you'd like to go trail herding?

    Frank Harris: Well, ah, all my life I've been dreaming about going into the cattle business. Getting out on the trail and... and I hate Chicago. I'd like to live in the open. You know what I mean?

    Tom Reese: Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. You mean lying out there under the stars listening to the boys singing around the campfire. And your faithful old horse standing there grazing at the grass by your side. You do much riding?

    Frank Harris: Me? Well, I bet I could ride all day and all night.

    Tom Reese: Oh, is that a fact? You know, I bet you like horses.

    Frank Harris: Yes, sir, I sure do.

    Tom Reese: Yeah, I thought so. Well, you're an idiot! You're a dreaming idiot, and that's the worst kind. You know what the trail is really like? Dust storms all day, cloudbursts all night. A man has got to be a fool to want that kind of life.

  • Frank Harris: I thought I was gonna ride with some men. You're just a bunch of animals.

  • Senor Vidal, Maria's Father: I know SeƱor Harris, he writes poetry.

    Tom Reese: He does?

    Frank Harris: I used to.

  • Frank Harris: We rounded up most of the herd... that is, all we could find.

    Tom Reese: How many head did we lose?

    Frank Harris: Just over 200.

    Tom Reese: That's a lot of cows.

    Frank Harris: Yeah, it is. It's too bad. It's too bad for you.

    Tom Reese: What?

    Frank Harris: We found all my cows. It seems it was yours that ran off and got lost.

  • Tom Reese: How did you separate your cows from mine?

    Frank Harris: It was easy. I used a crowbar.

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