Frank Dixon Quotes in The Terminal (2004)


Frank Dixon Quotes:

  • Frank Dixon: I'm talking about bombs. I'm talking about human dignity. I'm talking about human rights. Viktor, please don't be afraid to tell me that you're afraid of Krakhozia.

    Viktor Navorski: Is home. I am not afraid from my home.


    Viktor Navorski: So?

    Frank Dixon: [whispering] All right.

    Viktor Navorski: I go to New York City now?

    Frank Dixon: No.

    Viktor Navorski: No? Uh... Okay. I'm uh... I'm uh... I'm afraid from ghosts.

    Frank Dixon: Okay, thanks very much!

    Viktor Navorski: I'm afraid from, uh... Dracula!

    Frank Dixon: Thanks a lot. Thanks, Viktor!

    Viktor Navorski: [as he is escorted outside] Afraid from Wolfmens, afraid from sharks!

    Frank Dixon: It's okay. Thank you Viktor! Thanks a lot!

  • Frank Dixon: You could have any man you wanted... why Viktor Navorski?

    Amelia: That's something a guy like you could never understand.

  • Frank Dixon: Okay, so let's say this bag of potato chips is Krakozhia and this apple is the Liberty Rebels. Okay?

    [smashes the bag with the apple spraying chips all over Viktor]

    Frank Dixon: No more Krakozhia!

  • Frank Dixon: Sometimes you land a small fish. You unhook him very carefully. You place him back in the water. You set him free so that somebody else can have the pleasure of catching him.

  • Salchak: I know you've been waiting for years for me to either drop dead or retire...

    Frank Dixon: No, I haven't been waiting for you to retire.

  • Frank Dixon: Do you know, one of my own men came up to me the other day, asked me if I wanted to join the big pool. Look at 'em, look at 'em, look at 'em. Place a bet on when Navorski was gonna leave this airport. Have you heard about this?

    Thurman: [nodding] I have January 3rd.

  • Frank Dixon: Why doesn't he try to escape?

    Joe Mulroy: Sir, you told him to wait.

    Frank Dixon: I didn't think he'd actually do it. I mean, he's in a crack. Who the hell waits in a crack?

  • Frank Dixon: I have a bit of bad news: it seems that your country has suspended all traveling privileges on passports that have issued by your government and our state department has revoked the visa that was going to allow you to enter into the United States that's it in a nut shell, while you were in the air there was a military coup in your country now most of dead were members of the presidential guard they were attacked in the middle of the night they got it all on GHN there were very few civilian casualties so I'm sure your family is fine,

    [Frank slams an apple on the bag of potato chips]

    Frank Dixon: No more Krakhozia! New government, revolution! So all the flights in your country has been suspended indefinitely and the new government has sealed all the borders which means your passport and visa are no longer valid so currently you are a citizen of nowhere, even if we could get you new papers we couldn't process them until the United States recognizes your country's new diplomatic reclassification, you don't qualify for asylum, refugee status temporary protective status humanitarian parole non-immigration work travel visa, you at this time are simply "unacceptable".

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