Francis 7 Quotes in Logan's Run (1976)


Francis 7 Quotes:

  • Francis 7: Logan... you renewed!

  • [watching Logan's son, Logan 6, in the nursery]

    Francis 7: Do you know who his seed mother was?

    Logan: Of course not! I'm curious, not sick!

  • Logan 5: [after Francis 7 looks angrily at a red] Look, why were you so angry just now? What did he do to you?

    Francis 7: That Red's gonna run, I can always tell.

  • Francis 7: [wondering about the Red he and Logan 5 terminated] He showed some life in the end. Why do they run?

  • Francis 7: Aw, what the hell took you so long?

    Logan: It was the debriefing, uh... it ws more complicated than usual.

    Francis 7: Well, c'mon. Get in the water.

    Logan: Francis, did you - did you ever SEE anybody renew?

    Francis 7: Ha ha! I think you've been skulking out too much. First nursery, now silly qustions.

    Logan: No, but - did you?

    Francis 7: Did I what?

    Logan: See anybody renew.

    Francis 7: Of course!

    Logan: Anybody we know?

    Francis 7: Look, get into the water. You need it. More than I do.

    Logan: Francis, I have to talk to you... Well, I'll see you.

  • Francis 7: [to Logan] are terminated.

  • [first lines]

    Logan: [tapping on a glass window of maternity room] Wake up.

    Francis 7: Logan, you are here. I couldn't believe it when they told me. What are you doing?

    Logan: [indicates baby] Logan 6. Well it's not everyday that they authorize a new sandman. I tell you Francis,

    [indicating baby]

    Logan: that's him.

    Francis 7: Well maybe, maybe not. What does it matter? Anyway, he isn't yours anymore.

    Logan: [continues tapping lightly on the glass]

    Francis 7: All right, you want me to wake him?

    [bangs loudly on the glass with his baton]

    Francis 7: [alarms ring and lights flash]

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