Fox Quotes in Wanted (2008)


Fox Quotes:

  • Wesley: [after killing first target] What did he do to deserve to die? You don't know. I didn't know if he was bad. I didn't know if he was evil. I didn't know anything about him. We get orders from a loom; fate. And we're supposed to take enough faith in what we're doing is right. Killing someone we know nothing about. I don't know if I can do that.

    Fox: About twenty years ago, there was this girl. Her dad was a federal judge, so she probably had it in her mind that she would follow in his footsteps. So she's home one Christmas, and her dad's on this big racketeering case. The defendant wanted to get a softer judge who they could buy off. So they hired this guy, Max Petridge, to get him to pay her father a visit. And the way he pays people a visit is to break in, and tie up their loved ones, and force them to watch while he burns his targets alive. And then he takes a wire hanger, twists it around, and brands his initials into each one of them so they will never ever forget. After I was recruited into the Fraternity, I found out that Max Petridge's name had come up, weeks before the federal judge was killed, and that a Fraternity member had failed to pull the trigger. We don't know how far the ripples of our decisions go. We kill one, and maybe save a thousand. That's the code of the Fraternity. That's what we believe in, and that's why we do it.

  • Wesley: [while being chased by Cross] Please, please, please drive faster!

    Fox: Please be quiet!

  • Wesley: Why did you make me do this?

    Fox: Because you are the only person he wouldn't kill.

  • Wesley: [upon being startled by Fox] I'm sorry.

    Fox: You apologize too much.

    Wesley: [awkwardly] Well, sorry about that.

    Fox: I knew your father.

    Wesley: My father left the week I was born, so...

    Fox: Your father died yesterday on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Building. Sorry.

    Wesley: [laughing in disbelief] Look, the liquor aisle is just over there, so if you want to go...

    Fox: [interrupting] Your father was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived. The man who killed him is behind you.

  • Fox: I want you to curve the bullet.

    Wesley: How am I supposed to do that?

    Sloan: [walking in] It's not a question of how. It's a question of what. If no one told you that bullets flew straight, and I gave you a gun and told you to hit the target, what would you do? Let your instincts guide you.

  • Wesley: Have you ever thought about doing things differently?

    Fox: How do you mean?

    Wesley: I don't know. Being somebody else? Someone... normal?

    Fox: [after a long pause] No.

  • Fox: [while beating Wesley] Why are you here?

    Wesley: I don't know who I am!

    [Fox turns Wesley over]

    Fox: What did you say?

    Wesley: I said I don't know who I am.

  • Wesley: Are we gonna "bond," now?

    Fox: Would you like to?

  • [as they all observe the subway station]

    Ajax: Come on, what kind of chickenshit crap is this.

    Cochise: Yeah, come on? We're here, what are we waiting for?

    Fox: The train would help! Unless you wanna go up there and get jacked on an open platform.

    Cochese: Bullshit man, there ain't nobody in the street.

    Ajax: He's right! We're acting like faggots!

    [a bus with bright headlights approaches]

    Swan: Just keep talking.

  • Swan: You recognize them?

    Fox: Orphans. So far down they're not even on the map. Real low class.

    Swan: Numbers?

    Fox: Full strength: maybe 30?

    Vermin: Thirty. A lot more than eight.

    Ajax: Not if they're wimps!... and I'm sick of this running crap.

  • Fox: We're not going to change who we are just because some whore shakes her ass.

  • Orphan Leader: They write about our raids in the paper.

    Fox: Yeah. That's really heavy. The Orphans, right? Yeah, our youth worker, she talks about you guys all the time.

    Orphan: We ain't got one.

    Fox: Well, that must be because you guys are so bad, they're afraid of you.

  • Fox: We were just at that big meeting up in the Bronx. We're goin' home to Coney. Train gets messed up by the fire and dumps us here.

    Orphan Leader: I don't know what you're talkin' about, man. How could this be a big meeting if the Orphans wasn't there?

  • Swan: If you get separated, make it to the platform at Union Square. That's where we change trains.

    Ajax: I only got one question. Who named you leader? I got just as much right to take over as you.

    Fox: It was Cleon's choice, Swan's war chief.

    Ajax: Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass!

  • Fox: Now this isn't news, this is information.

  • Banker: Patria y muerte.

    Fox: O muerte.

    Banker: Who cares!

  • [first lines]

    Fox: I... a citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Filipp Mikhalych Korenev, entering service in the internal affairs agencies, hereby take a solemn oath: to remain fully faithful to Soviet people, to my socialist Motherland and to the construction of Communism, to be an honest, courageous, disciplined, vigilant worker, to be an example for others in service, to strictly follow the socialist legal order, to keep the secrets of state and professional secrets. I swear to perform all of my duties in good faith and in full obedience, to adhere to the requirements of statutes and orders, not to spare any efforts and even my life if required in guarding the Soviet social and political system, socialist property, citizens and their rights, and socialist legality. If I ever violate this solemn oath I'm taking, I shall be punished to the full extent of the Soviet law.

  • [last lines]

    Fox: If I... ever violate... this solemn oath I'm taking, I shall be punished... to the full extent... of the Soviet... law.

  • Fox: Forgive me, your Majesty.

    Jadis The White Witch: Oh, don't waste my time with flattery.

    Fox: Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you.

    [looks at Edmund]

  • Fox: This is what becomes of those who cross the witch.

    Mr. Beaver: You take one more step, traitor, and I'll chew you to splinters!

    Fox: Relax. I'm one of the good guys.

    Mr. Beaver: Yeah? Well, you look an awful lot like one of the bad ones.

    Fox: An unfortunate family resemblance. But we can argue breeding later. Right now we've got to move.

  • [Mrs. Beaver is healing Fox, who was injured by the Wolves]

    Fox: I wish I could say their bark was worse than their bite. Ow!

    Mrs. Beaver: Oh, stop squirming! You're worse than Beaver on bath day.

    Mr. Beaver: Worst day of the year.

  • Fox: Greetings, gents. Lost something have we?

    Maugrim: Don't patronize me! I know where your allegiance lies. We're looking for some humans.

    Fox: Humans? Here in Narnia? That's a valuable bit of information, don't you think?

  • Narrator: Otis resumed his search for Milo. He saw in the distance an animal that he thought might be helpful.

    Fox: [singing and swimming in a creek] Deeya-da da da dat da, deya-da datta da... Eeyo edata da, de do doo datta-da.

    [Otis runs down the hill]

    Fox: Eeya dat-datta da!

    [continues singing, climbs out of creek]

    Fox: Oh... ah! Gah...

    [shakes water off]

    Fox: Ooh, that's better.

    [proceeds to jump in meadow]

    Otis: Excuse me! I'm looking for a friend of mine!

    Fox: I'm looking for, uh, someone to play with! Wanna race me across the stream, eh?

    Otis: I haven't got time!

    Narrator: ...Otis said, sensing that this fox wasn't going to be any great help.

    Fox: Hey wait a second... What kind of animal are you anyway?

    Otis: I'm a dog, of course.

    Fox: How can you be a dog? You have no tail!

    Narrator: Otis was outraged.

    Otis: I certainly do! Look!

    [wags his tail]

    Fox: Ha! You call that a tail? THIS is a tail! Ha ha ha!

    [waves his tail wildly]

    Narrator: And with that, the fox jumped away laughing.

  • Malcolm X: [accidentally bumps into a patron, spilling his drink on his shoes, but smiles and acts cool] My man!

    Fox: The word is "excuse me," boy.

    Malcolm X: [still grinning, staying positive] "Excuse me" don't shine my shoes, my man.

    Fox: Then you should've stayed out of my way.

    [takes the flaps of his jacket in his hands and releases them roughly]

    Fox: Ol' country nigger.

    [Malcolm stares at him for a moment and tries to walk away until Fox holds an arm out in front of him to stop him]

    Fox: Uh, what you gonna do?

    [removes his hat from off his head, mockingly blows on it and tosses it over the bar, staring him down in a confrontational matter]

    Fox: Go home to your mama?

    Malcolm X: [Malcolm is silent for a moment, looking at him, letting his harmful words sink in... then he casually approaches the bar, grabs a glass bottle and violently smashes it against Fox's head, who falls to the floor, holding his bleeding head and wincing in pain] Nigger, don't you ever, in your *life*, say anything against my mother!

  • Fox: You see that the King did not write his own speech, Mr. Pitt.

    Pitt: The King will do as he's told, Mr. Fox.

    Fox: Then why not be rid of him? If a few ramshackle colonists in America can send him packing, why can't we?

  • Fox: God rot all royals! Give us the wisdom of America!

  • Fox: Do you enjoy all this flummery, Mr. Pitt?

    Pitt: No, Mr. Fox.

    Fox: Do you enjoy anything, Mr. Pitt?

    Pitt: A balance sheet, Mr. Fox. I enjoy a good balance sheet.

  • Horseman: [saluting] View halloo!

    Horse: [also saluting] Oh, yes, definitely. A view halloo.

    Fox: View halloo?

    [the horseman blows his bugle and the others pursue the fox]

    Fox: Faith and begora, 'tis them Redcoats again!

  • Fox: [the collision alarm goes off] Collision, sir! Collision! Collision!

    Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're not even moving.

  • Fox: [comes up the ladder] I found it! I found it! I found it! Look!

    [holds up a water soaked box with something in it beyond recognition]

    Chief Molumphry: I give up, what is it?

    Fox: It's a cake my mother sent me.

    Chief Molumphry: Oh, isn't that nice. Take it down to the cook. Maybe he'll warm it up for you.

    [Fox leaves]

    Chief Molumphry: Mothers. Why couldn't she send us something we need. Like an universal coupling joint.

  • NurseWatkins: I don't want to sound like a voice for morality, it makes him angry and you angry. But there are some things...

    Fox: What things?

    NurseWatkins: Not gold, perhaps, but still precious. Not negotiable, not even legal tender. Just tender.

    Fox: Love, for example?

    NurseWatkins: You can't even say it, you poor man, you make it sound like hate.

  • Fox: Nothing like gold to pass the time. It is even the color of time... Gold. How little most people value time, little people. Like everything else, they will choose what's more, not what's better. Even time, they will pray to live 100, long, miserable years and feel cheated if they had say 50 of the best. Quantity yes, quality no. Venice is tiny and precious. Los Angeles is gigantic and terrifying. Who wants it? Most people, that's who. There's good time and bad time, you know, the clocks don't give a damn what time they measure. We do. We special ones. We slow down for the good. We sip it second by second like great wine. We speed up the bad. The little people, chumps, swallow time like hamburger. One hundred years of well done hamburger, they will all settle for that. If I were to tell you that for me, the next 10 minutes of my life will be fuller and richer than the next 10 years for any chump in London, Paris, Rome, New York, or Bangkok, would you know what the hell I was talking about?

  • Fox: Chaos reigns.

  • Ali: [after syphoning Chris' van] Take this to the barn and start pourin', and find Fox.

    Fox: [swinging on a rope at the barn] Wooooh!

    Loco: What the hell you doin'? Get off that thing!

    Fox: [continues swinging] Wooh! This feels gooooood!


    Loco: Ali is gonna be pissed if he sees you screwing around. C'mon, we got shit to do.

    [looks back up and sees that Fox as disappeared]

    Loco: What the hell?

    [enters barn]

    Loco: Fox? Where are ya? Stop screwin' around! You're messin' everything up! You're dead now, woman. Fox?

    [Loco turns around and sees Fox's corpse hanging onto the rafter with a pitchfork. Then Jason approaches Loco with a pitchfork, and impales it in Loco's abdomen]

    Ali: Fox? Loco? Open the damn door! Fox!

    [Ali enters barn]

    Ali: What the hell you guys doin' up there?


    Ali: Hear me talkin' to you?

    [Loco's corpse falls onto Ali]


    [Ali sees Jason jumping off a rafter]

    Ali: [picks up a machete] When I find you, you bastard, you're a dead man!

    [Jason approaches Ali]

    Ali: Shit!

    [Ali swings the machete at Jason's head, but Jason ducks, and bludgeons Ali with a wrench]

  • Fox: This is your ticket outta the bone yard. You're dead, in case you didn't know it. You just don't have the sense to lie down.

  • Fox: Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, you know. Government, corporation, it's the same thing.

  • Sandii: OK, uh, I'll think about it.

    Fox: Good. Time's up... Do it - or forever wish you had.

  • Fox: There's an old saying: "The hair on a snatch could tow a battleship." All you have to do is feed his grandiosity, and play... on his... horniness.

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