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Foster Twelvetrees Quotes:

  • [talking in his sleep]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Oh... no. Melanie, don't... you mustn't... I'm saving myself for Miss Right.

    [loud knocking]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Oh, no... oh Melanie...

    [more knocking, he wakes]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Eh? Oh! They won't let you enjoy anything in this house.

  • [Foster arrives at a remote country house]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Yoo-hoo! I'm here... the entertainment's arrived! I've played empty houses before, but blimey...

  • [unpacking in his room, Frankie sets up a load of photographs of himself]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Not bad for 32.

  • [referring to the lady of the manor's pet rabbits]

    Foster Twelvetrees: Look at their little noses twitching, wonderful sense of smell, you know. I could smell them before I came round the corner... Look at them, what a lovely pair. May I stroke them? I meant the rabbits!

  • Reggie Henderson: Damn moron!

    Foster Twelvetrees: Now watch it, mate!

    Reggie Henderson: The man's a cretin!

    Foster Twelvetrees: That's better.

  • [upon being rescued from a meat cleaver-wielding maniac]

    Foster Twelvetrees: If you hadn't come in, it would have been Sixtrees!

  • [commenting on the table wine]

    Foster Twelvetrees: It's a bit dry for my taste. I prefer it a bit... wetter.

  • [Verity faints while Foster is giving a recitation from Dickens' "The Old Curiosity Shop"]

    Foster Twelvetrees: I was just giving her my "Little Nell."

    Reggie Henderson: You filthy swine!

  • Foster Twelvetrees: Do I play the piano? Does Paganini play the trumpet?

    Verity Henderson: Do you play by ear?

    Foster Twelvetrees: No, I'm going to use my fingers.

  • [to the coachman who abandons him a half mile from the menacing country house]

    Foster Twelvetrees: I hope your whip shrivels!

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