Fortune Teller Quotes in Nowhere (1997)


Fortune Teller Quotes:

  • Shad: [having is palm read] Well, what do you see?

    Fortune Teller: Death!

    Shad: Cool!

  • Fortune Teller: ...all because your loins led you out tonight.

    Geena: It was not my loins! I was... curious.

    Fortune Teller: Ah1 In women, curiosity is an urge that springs from the loins.

    Geena: What, and not in men?

    Fortune Teller: In men, *everything* is an urge that springs from the loins.

  • Fortune Teller: You will live forever.

    Tony: Hey, now come on folks, let's not get carried away here, huh?

    Fortune Teller: You will always remain young, never to age.

    Tony: Does that mean I will never be able to order a drink?

  • Fortune Teller: Then you will return home to fulfill your destiny.

    Tony: What destiny is that?

    Fortune Teller: I'm sorry, you're out of palm.

  • Fortune Teller: You may think of one yes or no question to yourself.

    Tex McCormick: [He sees a horse pass by and thinks about Rowdy] Yeah, Ok.

    Fortune Teller: I am sorry the answer is no.

  • Fortune Teller: Beware, beware, in the darkest of dark. Though the mind is young, and the hearts are strong, precious life, cannot be long, when darkest death, has left its mark...

  • Fortune Teller: Be alert, my child. You are passing through a period of opportunity. You are on the brink of adventure. A mysterious stranger lurks in your future. A stranger who may serve as a guide to your fortune and destiny.

    Candy Williams: A mysterious stranger.

  • [at the fiesta, Gene agrees to have his fortune told]

    Fortune Teller: I see you do secret work for your country. You are what you call maybe - a federal agent.

    Frog Millhouse: Hey, this dame knows too much. Lets get out of here!

    Gene Autry: Oh, no. Go ahead.

    Fortune Teller: But now I see you go on another job - a much bigger one.

    Gene Autry: Right away?

    Fortune Teller: Soon - very soon. But you like this job very much. I see you riding through the night. You are happy. I think you are in love, senor.

  • Fortune Teller: Better luck next time.

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