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Florence "Chicklet" Forrest Quotes:

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: Guys only want one thing. I'm going to the snack bar, want a wiener?

  • Kanaka: Mistress Ann, I've been a bad boy.

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: And bad boys get spanked. Bad boys get tortured!

    Kanaka: Cowabunga!

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: [as Ann Bowman] I'm no mere chick! I'm a goddess! And the first thing I'm gonna sacrifice are ya balls, sonny!

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: [as Ann Bowman] Who do you have to FUCK to get a hot dog in this dump?

    Drive-In Counterman: Say what?

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: You heard me, buster! And I'm not payin' extra for dialog, so cut the chin music!

  • Rhonda: Hey, is it true you're going to Europe at the end of the summer?

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: No, we just have a Swedish exchange student living with us.

    Rhonda: Oh, I heard you were going to Denmark.

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: Where'd ya get that idea?

    Rhonda: I heard you were going there to have some sort of an operation.

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: An operation?

    Rhonda: Yeah, I heard you were having your dick cut off and turning into a girl.

    [suddenly gleeful]

    Rhonda: Kisses.

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: I've never been to an orgy before. What do I wear?

  • Berdine: No one understands Bettina. Her screen persona is a brilliant comment on the socio-political structure of stardom.

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: You get all that from "The Pizza Waitress with Three Heads"? I guess we are the only ones watching the movie.

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: [as Anne Bowman] Anne Bowman created orgies.

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: See, I have this girlfriend. I'm kinda worried about her. She has these... blackouts.

    Starcat: What sort of blackouts?

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: Well, she says when she comes to she doesn't really remember anything that happened, but... she thinks when she's out, she's really out, I mean, like out of her bird. Well, what do you think?

    Starcat: It's not professional to give an instant diagnosis, but I'd say she's probably suffering from morbidly psychotic episodes of schizophrenia.

  • Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: Of course I know that! It was an accident. But then you never have accidents do you, Mr Perfect?

    Starcat: Don't you ever call me that!

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: What, "Mr Perfect"?

    Starcat: You don't know what it's like, having everybody think you're the golden boy - perfectly smart, perfectly athletic. You can't imagine the pressure.

    Florence "Chicklet" Forrest: And I thought all those people starving in India had it bad.

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