Flash Gordon Quotes in Flash Gordon (1980)


Flash Gordon Quotes:

  • Prince Vultan: Flash... when the ship hits the forcefield you'll be killed; this is suicide!

    Flash Gordon: No Vultan... it's a rational transaction! One life for billions...

  • Flash Gordon: Biro's hit! I'm going in after him!

    [flies off]

    Prince Vultan: Grrrr! Impetuous boy!

    Prince Vultan: Ah, well; who wants to live forever?

    Prince Vultan: [laughs heartily, to the Hawkmen] DIVE!

  • Flash Gordon: This Ming is a psycho!

    Ming's Floating Servant: This Ming is a psycho.

    Klytus: Who said that?

    Ming's Floating Servant: The fair-haired prisoner.

    Klytus: Who are you?

    Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon. Quarterback. New York Jets.

    Dale Arden: Dale Arden, Your Highness. Live and let live, that's my motto.

  • Flash Gordon: Prince Barin! I'm not your enemy, Ming is! And you know it yourself. Ming is the enemy of every creature of Mongo! Let's all team up and fight him.

  • [Flash is in chains and with a helmet over his head]

    Flash Gordon: I demand to see the governor! I can hardly breathe in this thing!

    Klytus: Yes, you don't look well. I'm told you refused your final meal. The chef will be upset.

    Flash Gordon: Tell 'em to go to hell!

    Klytus: Maybe just as well. Gas works more quickly on an empty stomach. Any final requests?

    Flash Gordon: Yes, let me see Dale. Right away.

    Klytus: Oh, dear. How pathetic. Yes, I anticipated that.

  • Flash Gordon: Where am I?

    Princess Aura: Back from the dead. I've saved you.

    Flash Gordon: My God! How?

    Princess Aura: By magic, of course. With a kiss, because I like you.

  • Flash Gordon: I'm flying blind on a rocket-cycle!

  • Prince Vultan: My thanks to you, Flash.

    Flash Gordon: What for?

    Prince Vultan: For giving an old bird a second chance!

  • Flash Gordon: This isn't happening, Dale. We're not here. It's just a bad dream.

    Dale Arden: Oh, I agree completely. We'll wake up in any minute in Dock Harbor and have a laugh about this.

    Flash Gordon: Only this time I won't just ask the maitre d' your name. I'll walk over and talk to you.

    Dale Arden: You promise?

    Flash Gordon: I promise. Cross my heart and hope to... I really will talk to you, Dale.

  • Klytus: The tributes of the Hawkmen will be first.

    Dale Arden: Are we dreaming?

    Flash Gordon: I'd like to think so.

    Prince Vultan: The fabled ice jewel of Frigia; we seized it in battle from the royal crypt.

    Prince Barin: Stop! The ice jewel is our tribute, not Vultan's.

    Prince Barin: Vultan stole it while we were burying our dead on Frigia

    Prince Vultan: Liar!

    Prince Barin: You are a thief!

    Prince Vultan: What?

    Prince Vultan: [Prince Barin draws his sword, preparing to attack Vultan]

    [Vultan raises his clubbed sword]

    Prince Vultan: Aargh!

    Klytus: Put down your weapons! No one, but no one, dies in the palace without a command from the Emperor.

    Prince Barin: Hail, Ming!

    [Barin lowers his sword]

    Prince Vultan: Aargh!

    Klytus: Vultan! You obey, or you sacrifice your daughter.

    [Vultan's daughter emerges, looks at her father]

    Prince Vultan: [lowers his club sword relentingly] Hail, Ming.

  • Dr. Hans Zarkov: Look at them! The poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt...!

    Flash Gordon: [annoyed] Oh, are you looking at ME, Zarkov?

  • Ming's Floating Servant: Long live Flash! You've saved your Earth. Have a nice day.

    Flash Gordon: [leaps into the air] Yeah!

  • Flash Gordon: The game's lost, Ming! Stop your attack on Earth and I'll spare your life!

    The Emperor Ming: You pitiful fool! My life is not for any Earthling to give or take!

    [Ming attempts to hold back Flash with the power of his ring. Flash approaches unaffected and menaces Ming with his sword. Ming cowers]

    Flash Gordon: Your power is fading, Ming!

  • [Hawkman Biro has been injured during the attack on war rocket Ajax]

    Flash Gordon: Biro! You alright?

    Biro: They just winged me!

  • Prince Vultan: [Flash is going to suicide ram Ming's palace, Vultan turns to Flash] That must be one hell of a planet you men come from!

    Flash Gordon: Not too bad.

  • Prince Vultan: [War Rocket Ajax is under heavy laser fire from Mingo City. Cut to Int. Ajax Cockpit. Flash is at the controls. Vultan is just reaching a ladder to leave] Come on, Flash! Come on! It's time to bail out!

    Flash Gordon: Sorry, Vultan! I'm not coming!

    Prince Vultan: What?

    Flash Gordon: The rocketcycle's gone!

    Prince Vultan: So, come on! I'll carry you!

    Flash Gordon: Bail out, Vultan, before it's too late!

    Prince Vultan: Flash,

    [runs back to Flash]

    Prince Vultan: are you crazy?

    Flash Gordon: The fire's too heavy!


    Flash Gordon: You know we'll never make that opening with nobody at the wheel!

    Prince Vultan: Come on! You'll be blown to pieces, Flash! It's suicide!

    Flash Gordon: No, a rational transaction! One life for billions!

    Prince Vultan: [Vultan grabs Flash's shoulders and shouts] Come on! You'll be destroyed!

    Flash Gordon: [shouts] You loony bird!

    [Pushes Vultan away]

    Flash Gordon: Get outta here! They need you on the ground!

    Prince Vultan: [Vultan holds out his right hand] Well, good bye, Flash! It's been...!

    Flash Gordon: [Flash shakes Vultan's hand] I know! For me too, Vultan!

    Flash Gordon: [Vultan heads back to the ladder and starts climbing] Tell Dale


    Flash Gordon: I know it would've been good!

    Prince Vultan: [shouts] That must be one hell of a planet you men come from!

    Flash Gordon: Not too bad!

  • Flash Gordon: My God!

    Dale Arden: What is this, a civic reception?

    Flash Gordon: More like a police state.

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: If it is, that could be our good luck.

    Flash Gordon: Why?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: It means we'll find allies on every side. Look at them, the poor wretches are just waiting for someone to lead them in revolt.

    Flash Gordon: Are you looking at me, Zarkov?

    Dr. Hans Zarkov: Yes.

    Dale Arden: Please, stop talking about revolts, I just want to get back home alive.

  • Prince Thun [Chs. 2-9, 12-13]: Ming is merciless and all-powerful. He can only be taken by surprise.

    Flash Gordon: He'll be surprised alright.

  • Ming the Merciless: [Obviously lusting after the nubile blonde Dale] Your eyes! Your hair! Your skin! I've never seen one like you before. You are beautiful!

    Flash Gordon: You keep your slimy hands off her.

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