First Spy Quotes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)


First Spy Quotes:

  • [the two spies are thrown off the baron's blimp and into the sea]

    Second Spy: What do we do now?

    First Spy: Start swimming!

    Second Spy: I can't swim!

    First Spy: Then start drowning!

    [the First Spy swims away]

  • Baron Bomburst: [a volice over the portable radio transmitter] Jawohl?

    First Spy: This is "X" speaking.

    [faint squealing static]

    Baron Bomburst: Shrecks?

    First Spy: "X"!

    Baron Bomburst: Lex?

    First Spy: [becoming pompously frustrated that his own accomplice can't remember/understand who he is] EX! As in...

    [feverishly tries to think of a suitable word to use as an example of pronunciation]

    Second Spy: [hastily offering a helpful suggestion] Eggs and bacon.

    First Spy: [nodding in agreement] Eggs and BAY-KUHN! Send transport immediately!

  • First Spy: Now then, vhere are we?

    Second Spy: I have here a map.

    First Spy: [seizing the map] I know WHERE we are, stupid!

    [throws down the map]

    First Spy: We are in England! And vhen we are in England, what do we do?

    Second Spy: We play cricket.

    First Spy: We play cric... No! We dress like Englishmen!

    First SpySecond Spy: A-ha!

    First Spy: [dressed in an outfit that the English wore in India] Remarkable veather we are having for zhe time of zhe year, do you not think so, Cuthbort?

    Second Spy: [dressed in the same outfit] Indubita-ba-bly, Basil.

  • First Spy: Calacatacatus Potts... Inventor!

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