First Officer William Murdoch Quotes in A Night to Remember (1958)


First Officer William Murdoch Quotes:

  • Captain Edward J. Smith: [hurrying to the bridge immediately after the collision] What is it?

    First Officer William Murdoch: Iceberg sir. I put her hard-a-starboard and reversed the engines, but she was too close.

  • Engineer: She's making water fast sir. The mail hold's practically full already.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Aren't the pumps working?

    First Officer William Murdoch: Yes sir.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: [indicates engineer can return to his job] Thank you.

    Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall: The engine room says they'll need more. They're rigging them now.

    Ismay: This is most unfortunate, Captain.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Yes sir.

    Ismay: Do you think the ship is seriously damaged?

    Captain Edward J. Smith: I'm afraid she is.

    [sees Andrews arrive on the bridge]

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Excuse me.

    Ismay: [to Murdoch] How long is this likely to delay us?

    First Officer William Murdoch: Not long, I expect, sir.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: [to Andrews, quietly] We've struck a berg. I think she's badly damaged. I would like to know *how* badly.

    Andrews: Right. I'll go down and have a look.

  • Lookout Frederick Fleet: [spots iceberg, rings warning bell and picks up bridge phone]

    Sixth Officer James Moody: [picks up receiver on bridge] What did you see?

    Lookout Frederick Fleet: Iceberg. Dead ahead, sir.

    Sixth Officer James Moody: [repeats to Murdoch] Iceberg, dead ahead sir.

    First Officer William Murdoch: [looks out bridge window, sees the berg and calls into the wheelhouse speaker] Hard-a-starboard.

    Hitchens: [repeats order as he turns wheel] Hard-a-starboard, sir.

    First Officer William Murdoch: [to Moody] Full-astern both.

    Sixth Officer James Moody: [Moody repeats as he pulls the engine-room telegraph handles to full-speed astern] Full-astern both, sir.

    First Officer William Murdoch: [looks out window again, then turns to other Seaman on the bridge] Close watertight doors.

    Seaman: [repeats order and moves to watertight door control switches] Close watertight doors, sir.

    Hitchens: [calls from wheelhouse] Hard-a-starboard it is, sir.

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