Finnick Quotes in Zootopia (2016)


Finnick Quotes:

  • Judy Hopps: [driving up next to Nick pushing a stroller] Hello! Hi! It's me again.

    Nick Wilde: Hey, it's Officer Toot-toot!

    Judy Hopps: [sarcastically] Ha-ha-ho, no. Actually, It's Officer Hopps and I'm here to ask you some questions about a case.

    Nick Wilde: What happened, meter lady? Did somebody steal a traffic cone? Because it wasn't me.

    [annoyed, Judy rides up and pulls up in front of Nick, blaring her siren]

    Nick Wilde: Hey, Carrots, you're gonna wake the baby. I gotta get to work.

    Judy Hopps: [gets out of her car with the folder, a notepad, and a carrot pen] This is important, sir. I think your ten dollars worth of pawpsicles can wait.

    Nick Wilde: Ha. I make 200 bucks a day, Fluff. 365 days a year since I was 12. And time is money. Hop along.

    Judy Hopps: Please, just look at the picture.

    [shows a picture of Emmitt Otterton]

    Judy Hopps: You sold Mr. Otterton that pawpsicle, right? Do you know him?

    Nick Wilde: I know everybody. And I also know that somewhere there's a toy store missing its stuffed animals. So why don't you just get back into your box?

    Judy Hopps: [smile drops, then becomes serious] Fine. Then we'll have to do this the hard way.

    [In a split second, there's a parking boot attached to Nick's stroller]

    Nick Wilde: Did you just boot my stroller?

    Judy Hopps: Nicholas Wilde, you are under arrest!

    Nick Wilde: [scoffs] For what?

    [in a patronizing tone]

    Nick Wilde: Hurting your feewings?

    Judy Hopps: Felony tax evasion.

    [Nick's eyes widen]

    Judy Hopps: Yeeaah... 200 dollars a day, 365 days a year since you were twelve, that's two decades, so times twenty which is... one million four hundred sixty thousand- I think, I mean I am just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying. Anyway, according to your tax forms, you reported, let me see here, zero. Unfortunately, lying on a federal form is a punishable offense. Five years jail time.

    Nick Wilde: Well it's my word against yours.

    [Judy pulls out her pen and plays back Nick's confession]

    Nick Wilde: [through carrot pen] "... 200 bucks a day, Fluff. 365 days a year since I was 12."

    Judy Hopps: Actually, it's your word against yours. And if you want this pen, you're going to cooperate with my investigation on finding that missing otter, or the only place you'll be selling pawpsicles is the prison cafeteria.


    Judy Hopps: It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

    [slight pause before hysterical laughter erupts from within the stroller and Finnick crawls out]

    Finnick: She hustled you! She hustled you good! You're a cop now, Nick! You're gonna need one of these!

    [slaps his police sticker on Nick]

    Finnick: Have fun working with the fuzz!

  • Nick Wilde: [Counting his accomplice's take for the day's hustle] 39, 40, there you go! Way to work that diaper, Big Guy!

    [Finnick boards his van]

    Nick Wilde: No kiss bye-bye for Daddy?

    Finnick: [In the driver's seat, Finnick spits out his pacifier and glares at Nick]

    [In a gruff adult voice]

    Finnick: You kiss me tomorrow, I bite your face off!

    [Puts on sunglasses with a sullen flick]

    Finnick: Ciao.

  • Nick Wilde: [Paying Finnick for his work] Thirty nine, forty. There you go. Way to work that diaper, big guy!

    [Finnick throws off his elephant costume and jumps into a van]

    Nick Wilde: Hey! No kiss bye-bye for daddy?

    Finnick: [spits out his pacifier and reveals his gruff tone] You kiss me tomorrow, I'll bite your face off!

    [begins to play French hip-hop and applies his sunglasses]

    Finnick: Ciao.

  • Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: Listen, I don't know what you're doing skulking around during daylight hours, but I don't want any trouble in here, so hit the road.

    Nick Wilde: I'm not looking for any trouble either, sir. I simply want to buy a Jumbo Pop... for my little boy. You want the red or the blue, pal?

    [Finnick points at the red Jumbo Pop]

    Judy Hopps: Aw, I'm such a...

    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: Oh come on, kid. Back up. Listen buddy, what, there aren't any fox ice cream joints in your part of town?

    Nick Wilde: Uh, no no, there are, there are. It's just, my boy, this goofy little stinker, he loves all things elephant, wants to be one when he grows up.

    [Finnick squeaks]

    Nick Wilde: Is that adorable?

    Judy Hopps: Oh.

    Nick Wilde: Who the heck am I to crush his little dreams, huh, right?

    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: Look, you probably can't read, fox, but the sign says "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." So beat it!

    Elephant patron: You're holding up the line.

    [Finnick cries and sniffles]

    Judy Hopps: Hello? Excuse me.

    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: Hey, you're gonna have to wait your turn like everyone else, meter maid.

    Judy Hopps: Actually, I'm an officer. Just had a quick question: Are your customers aware they're getting snot and mucus with their cookies and cream?

    [Two elephants spit out the ice cream they were just eating]

    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: What are you talking about?

    Judy Hopps: Well, I don't want to cause you any trouble, but I believe scooping ice cream with an ungloved trunk is a Class 3 health code violation... which is kind of a big deal, heh.

    [the other employee drops the scoop of ice cream]

    Judy Hopps: Of course, I could let you off with a warning, if you were to glove those trunks, and, I don't know... finish selling this nice dad and his son a... what was it?

    Nick Wilde: A Jumbo Pop, please.

    Judy Hopps: A Jumbo Pop.

    [Finnick squeaks with relief]

    Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.: [sighs with a groan] $15.

    Nick Wilde: Thank you so much, thank you. Oh no, are you kidding me? I don't have my wallet, heh heh. I'd lose my head if it weren't attached to my neck.

    Finnick: That's the truth.

    Nick Wilde: Oh boy, I'm sorry, pal, got to be about the worst birthday ever. Please don't be mad at me. Thanks anyway.

    Judy Hopps: [Judy puts money on the counter, buying a Jumbo Pop for Nick and Finnick] Keep the change.

  • Judy Hopps: [after replaying Nick's confession on her pen] Actually, it's YOUR word against yours. And if you want this pen, you're gonna help me find this poor missing otter, or the only place you'll be selling pawpsicles is the PRISON cafeteria. It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

    Finnick: [as he crawls out of the stroller, laughing hysterically] She hustled you. She hustled you good! You're a cop now, Nick. You gon' need one of these.

    [slaps a badge sticker onto Nick's shirt]

    Finnick: Have fun working with the fuzz!

    [walks away, still laughing]

    Judy Hopps: [to Nick] Start talking!

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