Finnegan Quotes in Deep Rising (1998)


Finnegan Quotes:

  • Finnegan: Like a fine wine, I'm aging gracefully, thank you.

    Mason: Like a fine wine my ass. You look more like a keg of beer to me.

  • Hanover: [Mulligan stands in front of the hatch door to the galley, and keeps them away from it] We're not staying here, Mulligan!

    Mulligan: I say we are!

    [Holds his assault rifle up to Hanover's face, Hanover holds his handgun up to Mulligan's face]

    Mulligan: Last stand, eh? We'll kick ass and take names!

    Hanover: You back off soldier, before I put you down!

    Finnegan: [after a few momens of silence] I once saw a guy put a fish in a bottle. He corked it, sealed it tight, and threw it to a baby octopus inside a fish tank. The octopus... he felt his way all around that bottle. In less than two minutes, he got the cork off, slid inside, and ate the fish.

    Pantucci: And your moral of this story is...?

    Trillian St. James: We're the fish. Look... the ship already starting to sink. What if they don't get here in time? I don't wanna drown.

    Finnegan: Now look, Mulligan, you can do whatever you want. But I am gonna get my ass to the surface, and pray to God my boat is still there, and those things aren't crawlin' all over it. Then I am gonna bail the hell outta here!

  • Mulligan: [the remaining six survivors are in the galley. Mulligan closes a hatch door] I say we stay right here!

    Trillian St. James: Are you insane?

    Pantucci: No man, he's right. There's plenty of food here. We can hold out til they rescue us.

    Canton: They're right. This is the galley for the crew. It was built almost entirely air tight in case of fire. With these hatches closed there's no way those things could get in here.

    Hanover: You wanna wind up in jail, Mulligan?

    Mulligan: Better there than in the belly of one of those things!

    Finnegan: [Finnegans head for the hatch] I don't know about you, but I'm gonna keep on goin'. It's our only chance.

    Mulligan: [Points his gun at him and keeps him away from the door] Back off. They're wiping us out one at a time. I say we make a stand. Right here. Right now.

    Pantucci: The whole damn ships infested Finnegan. We're not gonna make it back to the boat anyway.

    Finnegan: I'm not staying down here and that's a fact. Now back off that hatch.

    Mulligan: [Hold the gun up to Finnegan's face] I'll do it. I'll do it. I swear to god I'll kill you! I'm not murking about.

    Pantucci: Don't get hasty, man.

  • Trillian St. James: What the hell are these things?

    Finnegan: Real unfriendly.

  • Pantucci: Give me the parts.

    Finnegan: [Mumbling] I lom...

    Pantucci: E-lu-deh?

    Finnegan: I lost them, okay, I lost them!

  • Finnegan: Do you know how many uncharted islands there are in this ocean?

    Pantucci: I don't know, two?

  • Finnegan: Don't wander off.

    T. Ray: Didn't know you cared.

    Finnegan: I care about yer gun.

  • [repeated line; just before something bad happens]

    Finnegan: Now what?

  • Finnegan: [after a fight with the pirates] There goes one year off my life.

  • Pantucci: [Coming across a propeller] I think we just totalled a speed boat!

    Finnegan: [confused] All the way out here?

  • Finnegan: Well, it looks like we're stuck on this island.

  • Leila: You should do something.

    Finnegan: I've found you live longer if you don't.

  • Finnegan: This is turning out to be one hell of a day.

  • Finnegan: [Hanover's goons are beating up Pantucci] We got a contract: 20 hours out and back. You beat my engine man to death, it's gonna take a hell of a lot longer - which is ok by me since overtime'll cost you double rate!

    Hanover: He was nosing around in my cargo!

    Finnegan: Ok, so he's nosy.

    Hanover: Contract was "no questions asked."

    Mason: Yo, fellas, I vote we kick this lil' piece of shit overboard!

    Mamooli: Well, I vote we kill him!

    Mulligan: I vote we kill him, then throw him overboard!

    Finnegan: Well, we don't vote here, it's NOT a democracy.

    [one of the goons hits Pantucci]

    Finnegan: Ok, I'll say it one more time for the hearing impaired...

    [hits one of them, points his harpoon gun at Mamooli, a standoff ensues]

    Finnegan: [long pause] This could be messy...

  • [repeated line]

    Finnegan: Hang on!

  • Finnegan: What you got there?

    Pantucci: Peanut...

    Finnegan: Peanut?

    Pantucci: Peanut.

    Finnegan: Okay, peanut...

    Pantucci: [Joey drops his peanut in the water] Shit!

  • Finnegan: [the rad stops working] Son of a bitch. Pantucci!

    Pantucci: [Stands up and hits his head] Ow! shit man!

    Finnegan: [On headset] I'm flyin' blind up here, brainiac. I thought you fixed the radar.

    Pantucci: It's a little temperamental, you have to be gentle.

    Finnegan: Gentle, my ass. The whole system just crapped out on me.

    Pantucci: Killed off by your negative vibes no doubt.

    Finnegan: No doubt.

    [Finnegan hits the radar, which sends sparks flying at the box that Joeys at and makes him jump]

    Pantucci: Are you hitting that thing again?

    Finnegan: ...No?

  • Finnegan: [First lines] How we doin' out there, Leila?

    Leila: Fuck you! How you doing, my ass! I'm totally soaked out here.

    Finnegan: Aw, come on now, I pay you two bucks a day, don't I?

    Leila: Get off your lazy ass and come and help me!

    Finnegan: Cut me some slack, will ya? I'm workin' hard too, you know.

    [Plays card games on his radar computer]

  • Finnegan: [Jumps down in the water behind Trillian and startles her and she fires around 35 rounds at his feet] Jesus lady, watch it, will ya?

    Trillian St. James: I'm sorry! Thank god you're alive.

    Finnegan: Damn straight I am! Let's keep it that way, huh?

  • Finnegan: Anything I want?

    Trillian St. James: Anything you want.

    Finnegan: Can you get me a cold beer?

  • Leila: [Hanover's thugs are beating up Pantucci, Finnegan seems indifferent] Well, don't just sit there, go help him!

    Finnegan: Are you kiddin' me? Those guys are dangerous!

  • [Finnegan reaches for the gun]

    Hanover: [steps on the gun] you back off Finnegan

    [Door's hinges breaks and walls are caving in]

    Finnegan: Now what?

    Hanover: [to Finnegan] Hey!

    [kicks him the gun]

  • Finnegan: Have you noticed whenever we're around baseball all we talk about is pussy. Now, we're actually around a few potentially interesting young women, all you talk about is baseball. It's a little fucked up!

  • Finnegan: That just went from cute to restraining order.

  • Finnegan: You get a bunch of competitors together and you are addicted to winning

  • Roper: [singing] Well, I'm Rope a Dope. A proud Cherokee. I stay busy chopping girls' cherry trees. I'll show you my buns if the booze is free. Hands on the wheel and fondue my cheese. Hey, ladies, please pass me another. I'm not a rubber lover glover, I don't need no love buffer. I'ma do like Pete Ward and go undercover. Make a sister leave a brother. We goin' make a little trouble.

    McReynolds: [exhales, speaking] You're the new guy?

    Dale: [resuming song] Dale Douglas! Flier than a Cutlass Supreme. Southeast Texas Cherokees. We the team. Finn, me, and Coma. We got Mac in between. Number one position player. Make these girls wanna scream. Wakin' up in a dream. Lucid so sweet. We make you toothless. To put it plain and simple. We the cream of the crop. Cherokees are never leavin'... Douglas.

    Willoughby: My name is Wiiloughby. I know the master plan. I got the sun and the stars in the palm of my hand. Carl Sagan knows the universe is eternal. I'm gonna burn this down till my brain's a kernel.

    Finnegan: Dr. Finnegan, so epicurean. Indulge in the BMOC. There's only one thing bigger than my IQ. And it stops around my knee. Let me drop a Finnegism and make a Finnegasm. Expand the universe. Make it shudder and spasm. 'Cause when you party like a savage. Speak like a poet. You cha-chao before you even know it.

    Brumley: [rapping in fast monotone] Hey, guys. The name's Alex Brumley. I'm gonna break it to you fresh. All the guys around here punch me. 'Cause they know that I'm the best. It's my first days of college. I'm just trying to fit in. So won't you come with me and please be my friend? Please?

    Nesbit: Brumley, shut the fuck up!


    Nesbit: Now, I'm Nesbit. No shame with no game. I'm throwing money down the drain like no thing. The best in a-gambling. Nesbit's a-rambling. Submarine pitch. And the Mac can't handle it. Cherokee chow. Coo-coo-capow in Texas. With the cactus and cows. Amityville? More like Amity-vile. Sick to the bone but we come with style.

    Coma: So they call Coma. Told the girl "hop on." Throwing cheers to my boys. 'Cause I'm a superstitious fella. Known to get a little drunk. But I'm here to make some noise.

    Jay: Master plan for a higher man. Do it all wrong. Don't fuck it up to make it all right. Drink my cup. Schlong as long as the Nile's bong. Hit it, bitch, I'm 95 strong. I'm the raw dog. Rawest of raw. Four screwdrivers. One fat straw, baby!

    Plummer: My name's Tyrone but they call me Plum. I call the whole game but they call me dumb. Beer for breakfast. My Cap'n Crunch. Spread your girl's legs and then I have lunch.

  • Victor Von Frankenstein: Since the beginning of modern medicine, there has been an assumption regarding the status of mortality. That being that death is an unavoidable event, the inevitability of which we should take for granted. I will show today that life is not some grace bestowed upon us by some outdated notion of an all-powerful...

    Finnegan: Get on with it!

  • Finnegan: You know, for men so obsessed with death, you think yourselves so above violence. Curious.

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