Finn McMissile Quotes in Cars 2 (2011)


Finn McMissile Quotes:

  • Finn McMissile: I never properly introduced myself: Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.

    Mater: Tow Mater, average intelligence.

  • [Mater has been outfitted for his undercover mission]

    Holley Shiftwell: So Mater, it's voice-activated. But, you know, everything's voice-activated these days.

    Mater: What? I thought you was supposed to be making me a dee-sguise.

    Mater's Computer: Voice recognized. Disguise program initiated.

    [the computer uses a hologram to make Mater look like Ivan, another tow truck]

    Mater: Haha. Cool! Hey, computer, make me a German truck!

    Mater's Computer: Request acknowledged.

    [Mater wears a funny German costume with a green hat]

    Mater: Check it out! I'm wearing Materhosen! Make me a monster truck!

    Mater's Computer: Request acknowledged.

    [Mater wears a vampire costume]

    Mater: What the? Hahahaha.

    Mater: [Transylvanian accent] I vant to siphon your gas! Haha! Now make me a taco truck!

    Mater's Computer: Request acknowledged.

    [Mater becomes a white taco truck, and his horn plays "La Cucaracha"]

    Mater: A funny car!

    Mater's Computer: Request acknowleged.

    [He becomes painted yellow with red flames, hot rod exhaust pipes, a hot rod engine, and a spoiler. Mater revs his engine a few times, enjoying the disguise]

    Finn McMissile: [turns off the hologram] The idea is to keep a low profile, Mater.

  • Finn McMissile: Siddeley? Paris, tout de suite.

    Mater: Yeah, two of dem sweets for me too, Sid.

  • Finn McMissile: [Captured with Holley in the Big Bentley clock] What are you doing?

    Holley Shiftwell: Trying to turn back time. If I can just reverse the polarity...

    Finn McMissile: Good job! Quick thinking, Holley!

  • Finn McMissile: Being killed by a clock. Gives a whole new meaning to "Your time has come".

  • Finn McMissile: Mater, what would you say to setting up an informal task force on this one?

    Mater: Wait. What?

    Finn McMissile: You obviously have plenty of experience in the field.

    Mater: Well, yeah, I live right next to one. I don't know, Finn. I ain't exactly been much help to anybody recently.

    Finn McMissile: You're helping me. Please, Mater.

    Mater: Well, OK. But you know I'm just a tow truck, right?

    Finn McMissile: Right. And I'm just in the import-export business.

  • Mater: Excuse me, ma'am.

    [expels exhaust]

    Mater: Dadgum pistachio ice cream.

    Holley Shiftwell: This cannot be him.

    Finn McMissile: Is he American?

    Mater: [swinging his tow cable] Look out, ladies. Mater's fittin' to get funky!

    Holley Shiftwell: Extremely.

  • Finn McMissile: Mater, are these cars considered lemons?

    Mater: Is the Popemobile Catholic?

  • Lightning McQueen: The bad guys hit me with the beam from the camera, so, why didn't I... you know.

    Mater: Explode in a fiery inferno?

    Lightning McQueen: Yeah.

    Finn McMissile: We couldn't figure that one out, either.

    Holley Shiftwell: Our investigation proved that Allinol was actually gasoline, and Axelrod engineered it so that when it got hit by the beam, it would explode.

    Lightning McQueen: Wait a second, Fillmore. You said my fuel was safe.

    Fillmore: If you're implying that I switched out that rot-gut excuse for alternative fuel with my all natural sustainable organic bio-fuel, just because I never trusted Axelrod, you're dead wrong man...

    [points to Sarge]

    Fillmore: It was him.

    Sarge: Once big oil, always big oil... man.

  • Finn McMissile: Calculate the fastest way to...

    Holley Shiftwell: [wings are suddenly appearing out of her] Done!

    Finn McMissile: Oh, Miss Shiftwell...

    Holley Shiftwell: They're standard issue now.

    Finn McMissile: You kids get all the good hardware.

  • Acer: Finn McMissile? But you're dead!

    Finn McMissile: Then this shouldn't hurt at all!

    [Finn McMissile sprays the fire extinguisher at Acer]

  • Finn McMissile: Now, that's how I like to start the day - you never feel more alive than when you're almost dead.

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