Finn Quotes in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)


Finn Quotes:

  • Han Solo: What was your job when you were based here?

    Finn: Sanitation.

    Han Solo: Sanitation? Then how do you know how to disable the shields?

    Finn: I don't. I'm just here to get Rey.

    Han Solo: People are counting on us. The galaxy is counting on us.

    Finn: Solo, we'll figure it out. We'll use the Force.

    Han Solo: That's not how the Force works!

  • Finn: [asking about Phasma] What should we do with her?

    Han Solo: Is there a garbage chute... or trash compactor?

  • Han Solo: This map's not complete. It's just a piece. Ever since Luke disappeared, people have been looking for him.

    Rey: Why did he leave?

    Han Solo: He was training a new generation of Jedi. One boy, an apprentice, turned against him, destroyed it all. Luke felt responsible. He just walked away from everything.

    Finn: Do you know what happened to him?

    Han Solo: A lot of rumors. Stories. People that knew him best think he went looking for the first Jedi temple.

    Rey: The Jedi were real?

    Han Solo: I used to wonder about that myself. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. A magical power holding together good and evil, the dark side and the light. Crazy thing is... it's true. The Force. The Jedi... All of it... It's all true.

  • Finn: Hey, Solo, I'm not sure what we're walking into here...

    Han Solo: Did you just call me Solo?

    Finn: Sorry. Han. Mr. Solo. I'm a big deal in the Resistance. Which puts a real target on my back. Are there any conspirators here? Like, First Order sympathizers?

    Han Solo: Listen, Big Deal. You got another problem. Women always figure out the truth. Always.

  • Finn: You said poisonous gas.

    Rey: I fixed that.

    Finn: Can you unfix it?

  • Finn: Can you fly a TIE Fighter?

    Poe Dameron: I can fly anything.

  • Finn: [while holding Phasma at gunpoint] You remember me?

    Captain Phasma: FN-2187.

    Finn: Not anymore. The name's Finn and I'm in charge. I'm in charge now, Phasma. I'm in charge.

    Han Solo: [to Finn] Bring it down. Bring it down.

  • Poe Dameron: Wha- why? Why are you helping me?

    Finn: Because it's the right thing to do.

    Poe Dameron: You need a pilot.

    Finn: [chagrined] I need a pilot.

  • [Finn wields Luke Skywalker's lightsaber]

    Kylo Ren: That lightsaber... It belongs to me.

    Finn: Come get it.

  • Finn: Han Solo, the Rebellion general?

    Rey: No, the smuggler.

  • Finn: We came back for you.

    [Chewie says something]

    Finn: What'd he say?

    Rey: That it was your idea.

    [Rey hugs Finn]

    Rey: Thank you.

    Finn: How did you get away?

    Rey: I can't explain it. And you wouldn't believe it.

    Han Solo: Escape now, hug later.

  • Han Solo: You hurt Chewie, you're gonna deal with me!

    Finn: Hurt him? He almost killed me six times!

    [Chewbacca grabs his throat]

    Finn: [in a weak voice] Which is fine!

  • Finn: [in the gunner's chair] I can do this. I can do this.

    Rey: [in the pilot's chair] I can do this. I can do this.

  • Finn: Okay. Stay calm. Stay calm.

    Poe Dameron: I am calm.

    Finn: I'm talking to myself.

  • Maz Kanata: [to Finn] If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people. I'm looking at the eyes of a man who wants to run.

    Finn: You don't know a thing about me. Where I'm from. What I've seen. You don't know the First Order like I do. They'll slaughter us. We all need to run.

    Maz Kanata: Hmm.

  • Finn: I'm not who you think I am.

    Rey: Finn, what are you talking about?

    Finn: I'm not Resistance. I'm not a hero. I'm a stormtrooper. Like all of them, I was taken from a family I'll never know. And raised to do one thing. But my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn't gonna kill for them. So I ran. Right into you. And you looked at me like no one ever had. I was ashamed of what I was. But I'm done with the First Order. I'm never going back. Rey, come with me.

    Rey: Don't go.

    Finn: Take care of yourself. Please.

  • Finn: I need help with this giant hairy thing!

  • Finn: [Referring to Chewbacca after Rey responds to his growl] You can understand that thing?

    Han Solo: And "that thing" can understand you, too, so watch it.

  • Finn: [whispers to BB-8] All right, between us... I'm not with the Resistance, okay?

    [BB-8 backs away]

    Finn: I'm just trying to get away from the First Order. But you tell us where the base is, I'll get you there first. Deal?

    [BB-8 tilts his head while thinking about it]

    Finn: Droid, please!

  • Finn: [referring to Han] Wasn't he a war hero?

    [Chewbacca shrugs and growls]

  • Rey: We need your help.

    Han Solo: My help?

    Rey: This droid has to get to the Resistance base as soon as possible.

    Finn: He's carrying a map to Luke Skywalker.

    [Han stops walking in surprise]

    Finn: You are the Han Solo that fought with the Rebellion.

    [Han slowly turns to face Finn]

    Finn: You know him.

    Han Solo: Yeah. I knew him. I knew Luke.

  • [as the blast door closes on one the Rathtar's tentacles freeing Finn]

    Finn: It had me! But the door...

    Rey: That was lucky.

  • ChewbaccaFinnRey: NOOOO!

  • [after they escape from Jakku on the Falcon both speaking fast and almost talking at the same time]

    Rey: Nice shooting.

    Finn: Now that was some flying.

    Rey: Thanks.

    Finn: How did you do that?

    Rey: I don't know.

    Finn: No one trained you?

    Rey: I've flown some ships, but I've never left the planet.

    Finn: No one? That was amazing.

    Rey: Your last shot was dead on.

    Finn: You set me up for it.

    Rey: You got him with one blast!

    Finn: That was pretty good.

    Rey: It was perfect.

  • Finn: Where are we going?

    Poe Dameron: We're going back to Jakku. That's where.

    Finn: No, no, no. We can't go back to Jakku. We need to get out of this system.

    Poe Dameron: I gotta get my droid before the First Order does.

    Finn: What, a droid?

    Poe Dameron: That's right. He's a BB unit, orange and white. One of a kind.

    Finn: I don't care what color he is! No droid can be that important.

    Poe Dameron: This one is, pal!

    Finn: We gotta get as far away from the First Order as we can. We go back to Jakku, we die.

    Poe Dameron: That droid has a map that leads straight to Luke Skywalker.

    Finn: Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

  • Han Solo: Where'd you get this ship?

    Rey: Niima Outpost.

    Han Solo: Jakku? That junkyard?

    Finn: Thank you! Junkyard.

    Han Solo: [to Chewbacca] Told you we should have double-checked the Western Reaches.

  • Rey: So you're with the Resistance?

    Finn: [pauses while thinking] Obviously. Yes, I am. I'm with the Resistance, yeah.


    Finn: I am with the Resistance.

    Rey: I've never met a Resistance fighter before.

    Finn: Well, this is what we look like. Some of us. Others look different.

    Rey: BB-8 says he's on a secret mission. He has to get back to your base.

    Finn: Apparently, he has a map that leads to Luke Skywalker and everyone's after it.

    Rey: [whispers] Luke Skywalker? I thought he was a myth.

  • Captain Phasma: You can't be so stupid as to think this will be easy. My troops will storm this block and kill you all.

    Finn: I disagree. What do we do with her?

    Han Solo: Is there a garbage chute? Trash compactor?

    Finn: Yeah, there is.

  • Han Solo: You think it was luck that Chewie and I found the Falcon? If we can find it on our scanners, the First Order's not far behind. Wanna get BB-8 to the Resistance? Maz Kanata's our best bet.

    Finn: We can trust her, right?

    Han Solo: Relax, kid. She's run this watering hole for a thousand years. Maz is a bit of an acquired taste, so let me do the talking. And whatever you do, don't stare.

    ReyFinn: At what?

    Han Solo: Any of it.

  • Finn: I can disable the shields, but I have to be there. On the planet.

    Han Solo: [looking at Chewie] We'll get you there.

    Leia: Han, how?

    Han Solo: If I told you, you wouldn't like it.

  • Poe Dameron: What's your name?

    Finn: FN-2187.


    Finn: That's the only name they ever gave me.

    Poe Dameron: Well, I'm not going to call you that. Let's see... FN... I'm going to call you Finn. How about that

    Finn: Yeah, Finn. I like that.

  • Finn: That's one hell of a pilot!

  • Han Solo: Oh, don't tell me a Rathtar's gotten loose.

    Finn: Wait, what? Did you just say Rathtars? Hey! You're not hauling Rathtars on this freighter, are you?

    Han Solo: I'm hauling Rathtars. Oh, great. It's the Guavian Death Gang. Must have tracked us from Nantoon.

    Rey: What's a Rathtar?

    Han Solo: They're big and they're dangerous.

    Finn: You ever heard of the Trillia Massacre?

    Rey: No.

    Finn: Good.

  • Finn: [flying to Starkiller Base] How are we getting in?

    Han Solo: Their shields have a fractional refresh rate. Keeps anything traveling slower than lightspeed from getting through.

    Finn: We're making our landing approach at lightspeed?

  • Poe Dameron: That's my jacket.

    Finn: Oh...

    Poe Dameron: No, no, no, no. Keep it. It suits you. You're a good man, Finn.

  • Rey: I don't know your name.

    Finn: Finn, what's yours?

    Rey: I'm Rey.


  • Han Solo: Finn, be careful with those. They're explosives.

    Finn: Now you tell me?

  • Poe Dameron: [escaping with Finn in a TIE fighter] I've always wanted to fly one of these things. Can you shoot?

    Finn: Blasters, I can.

    Poe Dameron: Okay, same principle. Use the toggle on the left to switch between missiles, cannons, and mag pulse. Use the sight on the right to aim, triggers to fire.

    Finn: This is very complicated.

  • [deperatly trying to find water in town after traveling in the desert]

    Finn: Water. Water.

    Jakku Merchant: [in thick accent] No water.

    Finn: Water.

    [another Merchant grunts]

    Finn: Is there water?

    [another Merchange speaks in alien dialect]

  • Finn: What about that ship?

    Rey: That one's garbage

    [ship blows up]

    Finn: The garbage will do

    [shows Millennium Falcon]

  • The Man Upstairs: You know the rules, this isn't a toy!

    Finn: Um... it kind of is.

    The Man Upstairs: No, actually it's a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system.

    Finn: But we bought it at the toy store.

    The Man Upstairs: We did, but the way I'm using it makes it an adult thing.

    Finn: The box for this one said "Ages 8 to 14"!

    The Man Upstairs: That's a suggestion. They have to put that on there.

  • Finn: I admire your fight, Huntsman. Your wife was the same.

    The Huntsman: What do you know of my wife?

    Finn: I remember them all. But especially the ones with fight. She screamed your name but you weren't there. Now you can beg her forgiveness in the other world.

  • Snow White: [captured by the Huntsman] Will you help me? Please? Please, the Queen is going to kill me.

    The Huntsman: Sure she is.

    Snow White: She's going to rip out my heart!

    Finn: Quick work! Well done, huntsman. Hand her over.

    The Huntsman: What do you intend to do with her?

    Finn: Why do you care?

    The Huntsman: You want her give me what I was promised.

    Finn: You did your job well. Now, keep your word.

    Snow White: He'll kill us both.

    The Huntsman: Shut up.

    Snow White: He will!

    The Huntsman: I said, shut up.

    [points sword at Snow White]

    The Huntsman: I'll keep my word when the Queen keeps hers. Where is my wife!

    Snow White: He's going to betray you.

    Finn: My sister has many powers. She can take life away or sustain it, but she can't bring your wife back from the dead, you fool!

  • Finn: Are you always awake when I watch you?

    [touches Snow White]

    Snow White: You've never come in before.

    Finn: My sister won't allow it. She wants you all to herself.

    Snow White: I'm afraid of her.

    Finn: And not of me?

    [leans closer to Snow White's face]

    Snow White: No.

    Finn: Fear not, Princess. You will never again be locked in this cell.

    Snow White: What does she want from me?

    Finn: Your beating heart.

  • Finn: Magic comes at a lofty price.

    Queen Ravenna: [looking into the mirror] And the expense grows.

  • Snow White: What does she want from me?

    Finn: Your beating heart.

  • Queen Ravenna: Where is she?

    Finn: She was chased into the Dark Forest, where the men lost her.

  • [last lines]

    Julia Maddon: Get in. I'll drive.

    Tobey Marshall: I've seen you drive, and it's terrifying.

    Finn: [on video screen] Mmm, come on love birds. We need to get Benny out of the clink.

    Joe Peck: Maverick's getting off for good behavior.

    Finn: Yeah, apparently he started some fitness program for the inmate, or some shit.

    Joe Peck: We've got 5 hours to get to Utah. Go...

  • Tobey Marshall: Beauty will go bingo on that route, so we're gonna have to hot fuel and top off.

    Joe Peck: Hot fuel, coming up. Woo! Get out there skinny boy.

    Finn: Oh, you were checking me out!

    Tobey Marshall: [Looks over to see Julia looking at him] What?

    Julia Maddon: Bingo, and hot fuel.

    Tobey Marshall: We're ah, refueling without stopping.

    Julia Maddon: So why don't you just say that?

    Tobey Marshall: Well I mean... guess I could, but...

  • Finn: I guess you'll just have to kill me.

    John Smith: It'll hurt if I do.

  • Finn: It's not a good idea to be looking at Mr. Doyle's girl that way.

    John Smith: I remember a guy once told me this is a free country.

    Finn: Jacko, this guy thinks it's a free country.

    Jacko the Giant: [puts his fist through the windshield]

    Finn: Now you're free to go.

    Doyle Gang Member: [slashes his tire]

    Finn: Sheriff's office is right over there in case you want to complain about anything.

  • Finn: Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches.

  • Finn: Sometimes love simply dies.

  • Finn: They say he hasn't slept in like over a year.

    Danny: Bullshit!

    Finn: Naw, it's true. I've never seen him sleep. Seriously.

    Danny: Have you ever seen Queen Elizabeth sleep?

    Finn: No, why, is she a tweaker?

    Danny: [pause] Yes. That's my point.

  • Danny: How do you know you're doing the right thing, Finn?

    Finn: I dunno, like... people around you are happy, you know, they say thank you and stuff, right...? Just go with the Flow... you know?

  • Finn: It's my heart, and its broken.

  • Finn: What's it like not to feel anything?

    Estella: Let's say there was a little girl, and from the time she could understand, she was taught to fear... let's say she was taught to fear daylight. She was taught that it was her enemy, that it would hurt her. And then one sunny day, you ask her to go outside and play and she won't. You can't be angry at her can you?

    Finn: I knew that little girl and I saw the light in her eyes, and no matter what you say or do, that's still what I see.

    Estella: We are who we are. People don't change.

  • Finn: Estella?

    Estella: Finn? Is that you?

    Finn: Is that your little girl?

    Estella: Yes. I had to bring her. I wanted to show her this place.

    Finn: Have you been back often?

    Estella: No.

    Finn: Me either.

    Estella: So... I hear all about you. You're doing great.

    Finn: I'm doing okay.

    Estella: Things have been... different for me. For a long time, I kept...

    Finn: What?

    Estella: I think about you. A lot lately.

    Finn: I'm glad.

    Estella: Can you ever forgive me?

    Finn: Don't you know me at all?

  • Finn: I did it! I did it! I am a wild success! I sold 'em all, all my paintings. You don't have to be embarrassed by me anymore. I'm rich! Isn't that what you wanted? Aren't we happy now? Don't you understand that everything I do, I do it for you? Anything that might be special in me, is you.

  • Finn: I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it.

  • Finn: That's a big cat! That's the biggest cat I've ever seen! What do you feed it?

    Ms. Nora Digger Dinsmoor: Other cats.

  • Finn: The night all of my dreams came true, and like all happy endings,It was a tragedy, Of my device, for I succeeded. I had cut myself loose from Joe, from the past, from the gulf, from poverty I had invented myself. I'd done it cruelly, but I had done it. I was free!

  • Finn: Everything I have ever done, I've done for you.

  • Finn: Seven Years passed, I stopped going to Paradiso Perduto, I stopped painting. I put aside the fantasy and the wealthy, and the heavenly girl who did not want me. None of it would happen to me again. I'd seen through it. I elected to grow up.

  • Finn: if this isn't love, I don't think I can handle the real thing

  • RafeUlfGregorFinnWillem: [all the Five] Hunt as a pack or not at all.

  • Finn: [regarding Kiko] If he dies, how do we get back?

    Alex Trubituan: He's not gonna die.

    Finn: 'Cause I don't wanna be here if his uncle shows up and we're like "Hello, mate, here's your dead nephew. Oh, and by the way, you're out of scotch."

  • Finn: And you know what? I *did* want to come to Brazil. Why? Because I like girls. And I like beaches and drinking. And when they say "Come to Brazil," they say "Come to Brazil! We've got girls and beaches and drinking!" What they do not say, what they completely neglect to mention is anything about being chased into the jungle by an angry fuckin' mob which is not my idea of a fun vacation at all!

  • Finn: Oh, God, you really are an angel. You want to come back with me to London?

    [Arolea takes money from his wallet]

    Finn: Oh, wait, n-no, it's not like that. But I thought you liked me, no?

    Arolea: No.

  • Finn: We got on the wrong fucking bus!

    Liam: The Rastafarian.

    Finn: I knew he was dodgy.

  • Finn: Christ, I'd do anything for a pint. I'd lick the sweat off a monkey's balls.

  • Finn: So, how does rank on your other trips?

    Pru: After the last few days, right at the bottom. You?

    Finn: Well, we had a pretty tough time in Cambodia.

    Liam: At least we had that hash.

    Finn: Yeah, and those Dutch girls.

  • Finn: [narrowly escaping from bus] Why's my luggage always the last to come out?

  • CallieFinnJasper: Otherwise we will cease to exist

  • Callie: What are you doing?

    Finn: I'm doing what we should have done from the start... I'm going to destroy that f-ing machine.

    Callie: Stop, please stop! You said we could change things right? Then all I have to do is put a new note in the window for tonight's picture. Then when I get the picture last night, I'll know to prevent you from catching me at the window just now...

  • Jasper: Why is this thing bolted to the floor?

    Finn: I don't know. But I don't like it. I don't like the sound it's making either.

    Callie: Or, how 'bout the half-naked photos of me on the wall?

    Finn: That's one thing I *do* like about this situation.

  • Finn: No! Absolutely not! We're - we're calling the police.

    Jasper: Finn, I foretell that you live the rest of your life in pathetic obscurity, and die penniless and insane.

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