Ferrat Barret Quotes in Getting That Girl (2011)


Ferrat Barret Quotes:

  • Andy Wasilewski: [Andy & Ferrat float on rafts in Andy's pool, drinking Long Island Ice-Teas] I wrote Mandy Meyers a love letter.

    Ferrat Barret: I don't want to be the dick here but didn't you see her fucking leave with Tommy at Boozer's party last night?

    Andy Wasilewski: Ah come on now... we all make mistakes.

  • Ferrat Barret: [sipping a beer before school] Fuck yeah, dude! Two more months and this whole shit-burger is in the fuckin' can-man.

    Andy Wasilewski: Woooweee! Sixth grade function, eighth grade dance, tenth grade luau, last year's prom... I can't wait to be out of this fuckin' prison, man. Fuckin' high school!

  • Ferrat Barret: Fuckig' do you think we'll even be remembered man? Do you think the kids will still look up to us, talk about us... when we're all done with this shit, man?

    Andy Wasilewski: I mean it depends... but I think it'll kind of be like Boozer. You know-like we lover Boozer, but the kids don't even know he exists.

    Ferrat Barret: So we're like Boozer-style now?

    Andy Wasilewski: Dude, we're like the Boozers of our generation.

  • Ferrat Barret: Fuck man, probably if anyone's a shot at it you probably do. That's your type of chick. The smart, pretty girls... they want to change you. They want to heal you... Mutha Fucka!

    Andy Wasilewski: [deep in thought] You're right. Smart chicks do like me...

  • Ferrat Barret: [after a somber pause] I need a steady fucking girlfriend, man.

    Andy Wasilewski: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You be careful, that's a dangerous, dangerous thing to say.

    Ferrat Barret: I need the steady pussy, dude.

    Andy Wasilewski: [shaking his head] Nuh-umm.

    Ferrat Barret: Yeah dude.

    Andy Wasilewski: Nuh-umm.

    Ferrat Barret: Fuck yeah!

  • Boozer Wagner: [smoking a marijuana joint] So-ugh - are you guys hit

    Ferrat Barret: Fucking...

    Andy Wasilewski: Not really.

    Ferrat Barret: Pretty dry out there-bro - to be honest... but there's this new fucking chick at our school that just came in out of nowhere, last minute-style... Fucking... I don't

    Andy Wasilewski: Yeah dude. She's pretty solid.

    Boozer Wagner: Heh, hehehe... Classic!

    Ferrat Barret: Fucking... we don't know what her deal is though dude... she could be a fucking total prude. She's in all the fucking honors classes and shit so... I don't know. Hard to tell, Boozer... what do you think that tells us?

    Boozer Wagner: I don't know... could be a good thing? New girl... in a new school... in a new city... She's going to want to let loose her goose.

    Andy Wasilewski: [reflective] Never thought about that.

  • Ferrat Barret: [to Andy] If you like this girl, don't fuck it up. Guys like you and me have self-destructivive tendencies and we need to learn how to control them.

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