Fernand Quotes in The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)


Fernand Quotes:

  • Fernand: What happened to your mercy?

    Edmond Dantes: I'm a count, not a saint.

  • Mercedes: You would have to be a mother to truly appreciate the service you have done for my son and me. Monsieur, I will never forget you.

    Count of Monte Cristo: Please, madame, It was nothing; and I am sure in within a month you will not even remember my name

    [to Fernand Mondego]

    Count of Monte Cristo: May I steal your wife?

    Fernand: Excuse me?

    Count of Monte Cristo: For the waltz?

  • Fernand: Monte Cristo!

    Edmond: King's to you, Fernand.

    Fernand: Edmond? How did you...

    Edmond: How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure!

    Fernand: So you've taken Mercedes.

    Edmond: And everything else. Except your life.

    Fernand: Why are you doing this?

    Edmond: [pauses, remembering what Fernand said when he asked why he betrayed him] It's complicated. Let's just say it's vengeance for the life that you stole from me.

  • Count of Monte Cristo: [to Fernand Mondego] May I steal your wife?

    Fernand: Excuse me?

    Count of Monte Cristo: For the waltz?

  • Fernand: You pleased me some of the time.

    Mercedes: You never pleased me.

  • Edmond: Why? In God's name, why?

    Fernand: Because you're the son of a clerk, and I'm not supposed to want to be you!

  • Mercedes: Is Viscount Torville dead?

    Fernand: Well, unless his heart is situated somewhere other than the left side of his chest, I suspect he is.

    Mercedes: [choking up, and making the sign of the cross] God grant him peace. He did no more than defend his family's honor.

    Fernand: Much good it did him. His wife and I were happy in our passion. You were happy in your ignorance. Now comes the viscount's valiant defense of his honor, and you are pained. She is ruined, and he is dead.

    Mercedes: Don't flatter yourself, Fernand. I was neither happy, nor ignorant, having known about the last three women before Madame Tourville.

    Fernand: I'm sorry that you are humiliated. The combination of Paris and me is hardly a recipe for fidelity, is it? But since my attempts at discretion have evidently failed, there seems little point in keeping up pretenses. It's actually quite... liberating. Wouldn't you say?

  • Mercedes: Albert, I found the note you left explaining where you'd gone. But now I must explain something to you. Where you've really come from. Albert, you are the son of Edmond Dantes. The man you know as the Count of Monte Cristo.

    [Albert Mondego turns to Fernand Mondego]

    Fernand: Well, I'm afraid it is true. You are the walking proof that your mother was as much of a whore in her younger years as she is today.

  • Edmond: You've only got one shot. And it'll take more than that to stop me.

    Fernand: Well, then, I best put it where it will do the most damage.

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: How is your father?

    Fernand: Alive, unfortunately.

    J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: We share the same misfortune.

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: I require seventy percent.

    Fernand: And yet you'll only get fifty.

    J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: Done.

  • Mercedes: I will never forget your kindness.

    Fernand: I shall never cease to give it.

  • Mercedes: What's wrong?

    Fernand: I'm bankrupt. All my debts have been called in. Also, I am to be arrested.

    Mercedes: For what?

    Fernand: Piracy, corruption, and murder.

    Mercedes: Did you do all these things?

    Fernand: Yes. But there's simply not the time to talk about it. The gendarmes are on their way, apparently, so hurry up and pack something.

    Mercedes: I'm not going with you, Fernand.

    Fernand: [Fernand turns towards her and angrily breaks a mirror]


    Fernand: You are my wife. I have made arrangements for us. We shall be very well taken care of. Now go and find my son.

    [Fernand walks briskly away from Mercedes]

    Mercedes: He's not your son.

    Fernand: [Fernand stops dead in his tracks] I beg your pardon?

    Mercedes: Albert Mondego is the son of Edmond Dantes.


    Mercedes: Why do you think I rushed off so quickly to marry you when Edmond was taken away?

    Fernand: [staring blankly in full realization] Premature.

    [Fernand steps towards Mercedes and stares piercingly down at her]

    Fernand: Well, aren't you a piece of work? So he's the bastard son of a dead traitor?

    [Mercedes smirks]

    Fernand: He always was disappointing.

  • Fernand: We're drinking Napoleon Bonaparte's wine!

    Napoleon: [Walking in behind Edmond and Fernand, surprising them] I believe you'll find the 1806 a finer vintage.

  • Fernand: To better days.

  • Fernand: Take your vengeance. But know that the blood you spill is noble. Blood that will never run through your veins. You are no more a count than I am a commoner!

  • Fernand: Come in Albert, and for God's sake be brief.

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