Ferguson Quotes in Bad Boys (1995)


Ferguson Quotes:

  • Ferguson: [as Julie reaches into her bra for a hidden handcuff key] What you got an itch? I'd love to scratch it.

    Julie Mott: [gives Ferguson the finger] Scratch this, okay?

    Ferguson: Yeah I'll scratch anything you want to you blue-eyed bitch.

    Julie Mott: Did you go to college?

  • Ferguson: Watch your fucking mouth.

  • [Ferguson is in traction]

    Hector Dixon: How is your assistant?

    [He indicates Mike, who is lying in a coma next to Ferguson]

    Ferguson: They want to turn him off.

    Hector Dixon: Hmm... perhaps that would be for the best.

    Ferguson: No, he's been paid through the end of the month. And anyway, he's company.

  • Ferguson: [wakes up in the hospital, still in traction] Morning!

    [No response from Mike, who is still in his coma]

    Ferguson: Dear God, Mike... you were dull before.

  • Ferguson: [after manhandling Richie] It's my duty to protect him.

    Herbert Cadbury: Yes,very well, Mr. Ferguson, but if you grab him like that again, it is YOU who will need protecting.

  • Herbert Cadbury: [in a tone of disgust and indignation as he and the rest of Richie's group are being herded into the molecular reorganizer] After all that this family has done for you, and this is how you behave?

    Ferguson: [in a lightly-casual sarcastic tone] Well, yeah, so I guess I won't be getting that EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD, after all, eh?

  • Ferguson: Guess what, Professor? In 30 seconds, you won't even recognize your little friends anymore!

  • Bill Whitney: I wanna know what happened to Blanchard. And I wanna know what your did to my sister.

    Ferguson: You know the schedule; first, we dine. Then, I fucked your sister. Then, everybody else got so turned on, they fucked her too. As far as big ol' breath Blanchard goes; I ran that low-rent fool right into a pole. Pretty busy week, don't you think?

  • James Farrington: Tell me, sir, to what do you acribe your great good health?

    Ferguson: Hard liquor and soft women.

    [they laugh]

  • Ferguson: What are you two trying to pin on the big bad?

    Dewey Wilson: A murder case.

    Ferguson: What? A hitman in a furcoat.

  • Ferguson: He seemed to come straight out of the glare of the sun. We never knew what hit us.

    General Miles: Did he say anything?

    Ferguson: He said it was a lot easier to kill men than it was to capture them. Next time, he'll stop us the easy way.

  • Ferguson: I trust that you know the sum of money that you are due, I don't positively trust your means of obtaining it.

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