Female Caller Quotes in Hancock (2008)


Female Caller Quotes:

  • Male Caller: I, for one, have had enough of this guy. I'm glad he's doing time around bars, and I hope they don't let him off easy. Let my cousin Pookie out.

    Female Caller: This city is run by gangs and drug dealers. Hancock is the only guy who makes them shake in their boots. He doesn't always tie a pretty ribbon around it, but he gets the job done. Besides, he's hot.

  • 'Dr.' Shirlee Kenyon: Why even the Declaration of Independence only guaranties life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn't say anything about fair. Doesn't even say you have the right to be happy. Just to pursue it.

    Female Caller: But no one appreciates me, and I try to be fair, and they don't...

    'Dr.' Shirlee Kenyon: Get down off the cross honey, somebody needs the wood!

  • Cotton Weary: Who's this?

    Female Caller: Who's this?

    Cotton Weary: Who are you calling?

    Female Caller: Oh, you know what, I've got the wrong number.

    Cotton Weary: That's okay.

    Female Caller: Wait, your voice. You sound a lot like that guy on TV, uh, Cotton Weary.

    Cotton Weary: I do huh?

    Female Caller: Yeah, I think he's got a really sexy voice.

    Cotton Weary: [laughs] Okay, well, thank you.

    Female Caller: Wait a minute. You are Cotton, aren't you? Oh my God, I am talking to Cotton Weary.

    Cotton Weary: [laugh] You caught me. Listen can you hold on for a minute? I got someone on the other line.

    Female Caller: Yeah...

    Cotton Weary: Hold on.

    Cotton Weary: [switches to car phone] Andrea, I got someone on the other line. I'll have to call you back.

    Cotton Weary: [switches back to cell phone] So... you a 100% Cotton fan?

    Female Caller: Yeah, 110%.

    Cotton Weary: [chuckle] That's very good. So, uh... Why don't you tell me your name?

    Female Caller: Ooh, you're a naughty boy, Cotton. Now, what would your girlfriend think?

    Cotton Weary: What makes you think I have a girlfriend?

    Phone Voice: [click] I know you do. I'm right outside her bathroom door. She's in the shower. She's got a nice little... voice. Let's go in for a closer look. Ooh, she's very, very pretty, Cotton. A step up from Maureen Prescott. Speaking of which, let's play a game. Answer right, your girlfriend lives, answer wrong she dies. Where's Maureen's daughter, Sidney?

    Cotton Weary: Who the fuck is this?

    Phone Voice: Someone who would kill to know where Sidney Prescott is. You've got connections. One chance, Cotton. Where is she?

    Cotton Weary: Listen to me, you son of a bitch, if you touch Christine, I'll fucking kill you.

    Phone Voice: Wrong answer!

    [click; dead line]

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