Felix Gillie Quotes in The Comedy of Terrors (1963)


Felix Gillie Quotes:

  • Felix Gillie: And what if I tell them the truth and say it was all your idea in the first place?

    Waldo Trumbull: Mr. Gillie... Felix... friend... I put it to you, who in your discerning estimation are the police most likely to believe, hm? Mr. W. Trumble, respected local citizen and entrepreneur of death, or Mr. Felix Gillie... wanted fugitive and confessed bank robber?

    Felix Gillie: I never confessed!

    [pause, then]

    Felix Gillie: They just proved it.

  • Felix Gillie: Mr. Tremble...

    Waldo Trumbull: Trumbull.

    Felix Gillie: I SAID "Tremble".

  • Felix Gillie: [They're hiding from the rampaging Mr. Black] It's better in the dark.

    Waldo Trumbull: What is? Decapitation?

  • Felix Gillie: [he and Trumbuill are sitting on the coffin, trying to keep it closed and referring to Mr. Black, who's inside the coffin] For a man in his condition, he has a lot of energy!

    Waldo Trumbull: The stubborn old crackpot! I could have sworn that he was dead!

    Felix Gillie: It's about time!

    Waldo Trumbull: I've never had such an uncooperative customer in my life!

  • Felix Gillie: [stuck on a roof] Why did I ever escape from prison? It was so peaceful there.

  • Felix Gillie: [talking about Amarylliis' singing during Mr. Black's funeral service] I wish she would have picked another song.

    Waldo Trumbull: I wish her vocal cords would snap.

  • Felix Gillie: [to Mr. Trumbull, referring to Mr. Black] I don't think he's quite dead enough to bury.

  • Felix Gillie: [after Amaryllis' singing has caused glasses to break, flowers to wither, and corks to pop out of bottles] Just like a nightingale

  • Waldo Trumbull: [Impatiently waiting for Gillie to pick the lock of a heavy door] You having a little trouble, Mr. Gillie?

    Felix Gillie: Oh, this dirty lock was never meant for picking.

    Waldo Trumbull: Well, why don't you take an axe, and chop it open?

    Felix Gillie: [Getting angry] Nobody, but nobody, tells Gillie what to do with locks!

    Waldo Trumbull: [Amused] No, I take it back. What you need is a keg of gunpowder.

    Felix Gillie: Hey, I have an idea... Maybe there is a bolt on the inside?

    Waldo Trumbull: There's a "bolt" on the inside of your head, Mr. Gillie, and it's LOOSE!

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