Felice Quotes in The Odd Couple II (1998)


Felice Quotes:

  • Felice: We have so much in common, did you know the first four letters of our names are the same?

    Felix Ungar: Now that you mention it, yeah, we do.

    Oscar Madison: You know, neither of you wear glasses either?

  • Felice: I'm Jewish, Lilly.

    Lilly Wust: What are you?

    Felice: The worst was when my mother died. Since then I've never felt safe, only with you.

    Lilly Wust: How can you love me?

    Felice: I've tried not to.

    Lilly Wust: Felice... Don't leave me.

  • Felice: I gave you my friendship, Ilse, and my love. That's all I have!

  • [Berlin Resistance]

    Felice: The 50 best photographers were sent to photograph the most beautiful buildings, they'll destroy everything. Here, for our English friends.

    Fritz: Are you crazy, what is this?

    Felice: The latest transport lists from Hungary. Have Schmidty photograph them. 'Til tomorrow.

    Fritz: Felice. You've lost every sense of danger. That's not good, not for any of us.

  • Lilly Wust: Felice. Please, don't hurt me.

    Felice: I'd better go.

    Lilly Wust: I'd die if you did.

  • Lilly Wust: I don't know why Felice, but since you're here, everything makes sense.

    Felice: Don't say that too often, or I'll run away.

  • Felice: Have you heard that General Paulus and his staff joined the Russians. They're getting closer and closer under German leadership. They all deserve an injection.

  • Lilly Wust: What do you want Felice?

    Felice: You. All of you. Everything! But I'd be satisfied with one single moment, so perfect, it would last a lifetime. For example, this one. This one here is great. I don't want forever. I want now. Now! Now! Now! I want loads of 'nows' and I want them til I turn old and grey. And besides, I want more cake.

  • Felice: Is it a crime not to have a cause?

  • Felice: Here's to the Germans,

    Klärchen: The most honest people in the world.

    Felice: You'll all destroy yourselves.

  • Felice: If we aren't allowed to go to the theatre, let's enjoy Mrs. Wust.

  • Felice: Now sleep sweetly. May heaven give, that until your life is over, love will live.

  • Ilse: What does she have that I don't have?

    Felice: Nothing, absolutely nothing. She isn't better or worse than any of us.

    Ilse: How can you say that? How?


    Ilse: Has she risked her life? Would she lie and steal and fight for you? Do you think she'd take risks my father takes? She has no idea what it's like listening to every idiot who comes up the stairs. But you know how it is, Felice. Your behaviour makes me sick!

    Felice: [long beat] So send me a bill.

    Ilse: [beat] I'm sorry.

    Felice: What for? You're right.


    Felice: "God created the world, Felice. You didn't" That's what my father always said to me. My sister, my mother... they all agreed "Felice is crazy". And do you know why? Because for me nothing can be taken for granted. No God. No car that picks me up, no Ilse to help me, and no "thank you" I have to tell her every day. You want something special, Ilse. And I'm not.


    Felice: I'm ungrateful and desperate for admiration. Say whatever you like. But don't make me a victim, because it's my goddamned mediocre little right to be free.


    Felice: As long as I can.

  • Father Joe: I believe you should leave!

    Felice: You *believe*? If you *believed*, Father, I wouldn't be able to come in here!

  • Amy: [frightened] What do you want?

    Felice: [distorted] A kiss!

  • [Felice breaks through the glass doors towards Brenda and Amy; Brenda holds a gun at her]

    Felice: [In an angry, raspy voice] You can't kill something that's already dead!

    Brenda: Do you wanna fucking bet?

    [Felice howls; Brenda shoots Felice in the head, but the bullet does nothing that kills her]

    Felice: [raspy] You gonna die!

  • [Amy tries to escape, but it is Felice who shoves her to the gate and hold her restraint]

    Felice: [raspy voice] It's time, Amy.

    Amy: [sobs] What do you want?

    Felice: [raspy] A kiss...

    [Felice attempts to pass the curse, but Amy struggles]

    Amy: [screams] DADDY!

  • Clint Belmet: I'm asking you a question and the answer can't be maybe. I'm asking you straight out - will you marry? Yes or no?

    Felice: Oui, Monsieur!

    Clint Belmet: Huh?

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