FBI Agent Quotes in The Rock (1996)


FBI Agent Quotes:

  • FBI Director Womack: Great job, Goodspeed.

    Agent Paxton: [sarcastically, jokingly] Why don't you throw in a trip to Tahiti while you're at it?

    FBI Agent: Okay, I'll deliver this to the Attorney General...

    FBI Director Womack: [Interrupts and takes the contract from Hunt] Ah, no. You'll give that to me, there's a car waiting outside for you, thank you.

    [He rips up the contract]

    Stanley Goodspeed: That's a signed federal document, sir. Isn't that illegal?

    FBI Director Womack: You're not acquainted with the full facts, Goodspeed.

    Stanley Goodspeed: With all due respect, sir, I'd like clarification. I gave that man my word.

  • FBI Agent: [in the police van with FBI agents] The name Gruber mean anything to you, lieutenant?

    [flashback to Hans Gruber falling from Nakatomi Towers]

    John McClane: It rings a bell, yeah.

  • Officer Dave: Who is that guy?

    FBI Agent: You've heard of the hidden hand of God? Well, that's God's son of a bitch.

  • FBI Agent: Dr. Keyes, your presence is required in the Pentagon.

    Dr. Josh Keyes: Aaah, it's my best buddies! Hey! Why don't you join us for a drink?

    FBI Agent: We'd be grateful if you could join us - for a ride, sir.

    Dr. Josh Keyes: And if I were to say no? I'm just asking.

    FBI Agent: Well, we have no sense of humor.

    Dr. Josh Keyes: That's true.

    FBI Agent: And we're armed.

  • Dr. Josh Keyes: What's going on guys?

    FBI Agent: We don't know. Your security clearance is higher than ours.

    Dr. Josh Keyes: I have security clearance?

    FBI Agent: We just here to take you to your jet.

    Dr. Josh Keyes: I have a jet?

  • The Courier: I deliver packages, I don't chase ghosts.

    FBI Agent: It looks to me like the ghost is now chasing you.

  • Tom Anderson: Boy, I tell you what, it really makes ya proud. I could stay in here all day.

    FBI Agent: Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

  • FBI Agent: You talk like a crazy man!

    Dr. Wilhelm Bucholtz: That's the conclusion I'd expect from an American government agent!

  • FBI Agent: If you want, we can assign someone to you?

    Detective Richie Roberts: FBI protection? My life is dangerous enough as it is!

  • FBI Agent: If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then chances are it *is* a duck.

    Giacomo 'Fat Jack' DiNorscio: If it talks like an asshole, and looks like an asshole, then chances are it *is* an asshole.

  • FBI Agent: Sir, we discovered you were born Nathan Huffheins.

    Nathan Arizona Sr.: Yeah, I changed my name. What of it?

    FBI Agent: Can you give us an indication why?

    Nathan Arizona Sr.: Would you shop at a store called Unpainted Huffheins?

  • FBI Agent: You make a move and I swear I'll blow your fucking heart out!

    Primo: All right, all right, take a pill robo-cop, take a pill.

  • FBI agent: If I were you, next time I'm sitting in a limo, I'm in the back seat.

  • Frank Coutelle: [shouting into CB Radio] Officer down! Officer down!

    FBI Agent: Has the officer been shot? Over.

    Frank Coutelle: [shouting] No, the officer's been bit by a fuckin' badger!

  • FBI Agent: Come out with your hands on your head. You've got ten seconds.

    Pam: Enough time to create a universe.

  • FBI Agent: Mrs. Curtis, did you hear me? It's your husband's life, or your case of Wonka bars.

    Mrs. Curtis: [after a brief pause] How long will they give me to think it over?

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