Fay Grim Quotes in Fay Grim (2006)


Fay Grim Quotes:

  • Fay Grim: Why is it, when someone starts talking about civilization, I hear the sound of machine guns?

  • Fay Grim: You mean, like a date?

    Angus James: I'm afraid so.

  • Agent Fulbright: Carl, go take a walk in the rain.

    Fay Grim: Bye, Carl.

    Agent Fulbright: Leave him alone.

    Fay Grim: He likes me.

    Agent Fulbright: That's his problem.

  • [first lines]

    Father Lang: Fay? You OK?

    Fay Grim: I'm afraid.

    Father Lang: Why? Has something happened?

    Fay Grim: I'm afraid for my son... He's fourteen.

    Father Lang: Boys have been known to survive that, Fay.

    Fay Grim: I'm afraid he'll grow up to be... well, like his father.

  • Agent Fulbright: When you disembark at Paris, go directly to the Ladies Room.

    Carl Fogg: Before you clear Customs.

    Agent Fulbright: It will be on your left as you enter the Terminal. The operative will establish contact.

    Fay Grim: How?

    Agent Fulbright: Impossible to say.

  • Fay Grim: [Glaring at Henry, while taking their 5 year old son, Ned, from the bar where Henry took him] Ned, have you been drinking?

    Henry Fool: His throat hurt from smoking.

    [Fay punches Henry in the gut, hard]

  • Fay Grim: How old do you think I am?

    Henry Fool: You look young.

    Fay Grim: How young?

    Henry Fool: I don't know. Young.

    Fay Grim: But how? I mean, do I look more like 20 or, y'know, 30.

    Henry Fool: [thinks hard] 30.

  • Warren: Are you a registered voter?

    Fay Grim: Don't you dare talk to me that way!

  • Henry Fool: The greats all say the same thing: little. And what little there is to be said is immense. Or, in other words, follow your own genius to where it leads without regard for the apparent needs of the world at large, which, in fact, has no needs as such, but, rather, moments of exhaustion in which it is incapable of prejudice. We can only hope to collide with these moments of unselfconsciousness. This divine fatigue. This...

    Fay Grim: Push over.

    Henry Fool: As I tried to make plain in Paris: 'Nous savons que nous avons chuté parce que nous savons qui nous sommes.' 'We know we have fallen because we know who we are.

    Fay Grim: [skeptically] When were you in Paris?

    Henry Fool: That's beside the point. But did they listen to me? Of course not!

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