Father Joseph Quotes in Guns for San Sebastian (1968)


Father Joseph Quotes:

  • Father Joseph: My son, here. Put this on - it will protect you from the sun.

    [Father hands Leon a cowl with a cross on the back]

    Leon Alastray: Ha? Thank you.

    Father Joseph: ...and who knows? Perhaps it will bring you a little faith!

    Leon Alastray: Faith? Oh, I had plenty of faith the other night. Hey, priest - you wanna hear my confession?

    [clasps hands in mock prayer]

    Father Joseph: No, thank you!

    Leon Alastray: Come on - it'll make you feel 10 years younger!

    [laughs lewdly]

    Father Joseph: ...or perhaps older!

  • Leon Alastray: [startled by a bell, Leon runs into the church] What the hell are you doing?

    Father Joseph: Christians always respond to the sound of a bell.

    Leon Alastray: What Christians? Rocks? Lizards, snakes?

    Father Joseph: Perhaps someone's still alive. Please - you ring the bell. I am too weak.

    Leon Alastray: Here, hold this.

    [hands the wine bag to Father Joseph, who stuffs it into the statue of San Sebastian]

    Leon Alastray: I feel stupid.

    [pulls rope a few times]

    Leon Alastray: Oh, that's enough!

    [walks to church door]

    Leon Alastray: Hey Father! Look! A Christian!

    Father Joseph: [looks toward distant horizon for approaching people]

    Leon Alastray: No, no.

    [points to a scruffy dog in the church yard]

    Leon Alastray: There.

    [laughs mockingly]

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