Father Damien Quotes in Molokai (1999)


Father Damien Quotes:

  • Rudolph Meyer: From now on, only God can help you.

    Father Damien: Yes, I often count on him.

  • Father Damien: Hello. You are English?

    William Williamson: Yes. I was a medical assistant in Honolulu and I got the blasted disease myself. A lesson to you.

  • Father Damien: May I give you the sacraments?

    William Williamson: Me? A proper catholic priest? My father would rise from his grave.


    William Williamson: Father, don't be insulted. Come back tomorrow, I may be frightened and have to think about it.

    Father Damien: May God be with you.

    William Williamson: And with you. Just now, you need him more than I.

  • Rudolph Meyer: Oh, Damien, look at all this I've brought you. More than I ever got out of the government.

    Father Damien: I have a bishop with a conscience.

    Rudolph Meyer: I'm a good Lutheran, I've got no faith in bishops. What are you doing?

    Father Damien: I am making a windbreak. We have winds in Belgium too.

    Rudolph Meyer: They picked the worst hole in Hawaii. Because of that valley you never see the sun rise and you never see it set. If they were putting away murderers they couldn't have thought of a better place.

  • Rudolph Meyer: Only the grim reaper is going to help your flock, father.

    Father Damien: Well, we differ.

  • Father Damien: [fixing William's hut] There. That should be more comfortable.

    William Williamson: All this work for a Protestant? You might go to hell.

    Father Damien: I would rather that you took the sacraments, but I don't like you sleeping like this within my sight.

    William Williamson: I suppose it would be easier for you if I just died?

    Father Damien: Oh, you can't die until I convert you.

    William Williamson: Do you honestly believe only catholics go to heaven?

    Father Damien: I'm not absolutely certain, but I know that catholics *can* go to heaven.

  • Father Damien: No, I want it true. I beg you, let me give you the last rites.

    William Williamson: You're stubborn, Damien. No. I'm the one that got away. Don't worry, I'll say a good word for you on the other side.

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