Farid Quotes in Inkheart (2008)


Farid Quotes:

  • Farid: I don't want to go back into my stinking book.

  • Farid: [referring to their wounded friend] We have to take him to the hospital.

    Alex: He looks like a Tampax. It's too risky.

  • Tom: [lighting up weed] Okay, that's my last joint.

    Farid: Liar.

    Tom: Okay, me second to last... third to last, maximum.

  • Tom: [driving around] We're still in France here?

    Farid: We're in the Middle Ages.

  • Tom: Don't you want a guy like me? A real man. You probably don't see many in here.

    Gilberte: Usually we have truck drivers here. You... you look sensitive.

    Farid: He bangs anything that moves.

  • [first lines]

    Mrs. Fingerhut: [putting away photo album] Madeline was a delightful girl. She still is, of course.

    Parvez: And a little bit plumpish at times. As you said, twice.

    Minoo: [misunderstanding] Rice is very good. For reducing diet.

    Parvez: Cricket is excellent. Farid was captain. Mrs. Fingerhut - Hilda - this boy of ours, I can assure you he's all-around type, going whole hog. But not on the field. At school he carried the prizes home. Now is college he's top student of year.

    Parvez: Oh, it's not difficult.

    Farid: [smirks]

  • Farid: Only the corrupt would say it's extreme to want goodness!

    Parvez: There is nothing of God in spitting on a woman's face! This cannot be the way for us to take!

  • Lt. Schwegler: [checking his guidebook entry about the hotel] You have a native cook by the name of Berek.

    Farid: [nervous] Terek, sir. Terek. Yes, sir. But he ran away this morning. With the British to Alexandria.

    Lt. Schwegler: [checking the guidebook] You have a wife.

    Farid: Oh, yes, sir. Yes. But *she* run away. Yes, sir.

    Lt. Schwegler: With the British to Alexandria?

    Farid: [sadly] No, sir. With a Greek to Casablanca.

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