Fanny Quotes in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)


Fanny Quotes:

  • Little John: Are you bleedin' cracked, girl? You'd get hurt.

    Fanny: I've given birth to eight babies. Don't you talk to me about gettin' hurt, ya big ox.

  • Nick Arnstein: I'd be happy to wait while you change.

    Fanny: I'd have to change too much, nobody could wait that long.

  • Jamie: Fanny, please I've got it all figured out.

    Fanny: Whatever you've got figured out does not include me.

    Jamie: [looking at her breasts] Fanny please, I love them!

    Fanny: Them?

    Jamie: Uh, I mean you...

  • Jamie: Nobody knows we're here. This is a great place.

    Fanny: Not like that spot last summer?

    Jamie: Uh, no. No, no, no.

    Fanny: All those kids! All those flashbulbs!

    Jamie: Uh, no. No, no, no.

    Fanny: Or that time down at the lake?

    Jamie: Fanny, look, snakes only come out like that once a year.

  • Fanny: Just remember ladies. That this is a cabin for respectable women. There will be no talk of pinkies. They're not playthings, you know! They're weapons! Dangerous weapons! Like loaded guns! They can go off when you least expect it!

  • Jamie: Okay, this is it. It's a nice spot. Really secluded.

    Fanny: Are you sure it's safe?

    Jamie: Does a bear shit in the woods?

  • Fanny: Jamie! Stop fucking my tits and help me up. Ahhhhhh!

  • Northbrook: It all goes back to the Holy Roman Empire. The grand duke is a nephew by marriage of the Emperor Franz Josef of Austria.

    Fanny: No wisecracks about Austria.

    Northbrook: I sincerely hope no wisecracks about anything. In these troubled times the lightest remark can have bad repercussions.

    Fanny: I can see the history books: "The War of Elsie's Remark."

  • Elsie Marina: [about dress] Say, is it all right over the you-know-what?

    Fanny: Wonderful over the you-know-what.

    Fanny: [Northbrook comes out from behind screen] What do you think?

    Northbrook: Very nice.

    Fanny: Is that all you can say?

    Northbrook: Very nice indeed.

  • Fanny: [about her dog] Fru-Fru says 'God bless us everyone'

  • Fanny: He thinks the Lord put white people on this earth as punishment. 'Course I don't hold with no sacrilegious talk like that.

  • Fanny: If you didn't sweat so much, nobody'd take you for a landlord.

  • Fanny: What? Are you calling me a whore?

    Captain Spaulding: I calls 'em like I sees 'em!

  • Fanny: Tonight I'm gonna take you on a sleigh ride with some snow birds.

    Eddie: Sleigh ride? Snow birds? In summer?

    Fanny: Gee, you ARE dumb!

  • Fanny: Hello everyone! This is Eddie, my new boyfriend. (a woman cosies up to Eddie, Fanny shoves her away) I said MY boyfriend!

  • Marianne: Good morning, Fanny.

    Fanny: Good morning, Miss Marianne.

    Marianne: How did you find the silver? Was it all genuine?

  • Elinor Dashwood: [making painstaking conversation] How is Mrs Ferrars?

    Fanny: My mother is always in excellent health, thank you. My brother Robert is in town with her this season and quite the most popular bachelor in London. He has his own barouche.

    Elinor Dashwood: Oh. You have two brothers, have you not?

    Fanny: Indeed yes. Edward is the elder and Mamma quite depends upon him. He's traveling up from Plymouth shortly and will break his journey here.

    John Dashwood: If that is agreeable to you.

    Mrs. Dashwood: My dear John, this is your home now.

  • Fanny: Mrs. Dashwood, Miss Dashwood, Miss Marianne - my brother, Edward Ferrars.

    [Everyone bows or curtsies]

    FannyMrs. Dashwood: [together] Do sit down.

    [There's an embarrassed pause as Mrs. Dashwood realises she is no longer the mistress of the house]

  • Lucy: It is a very great secret. I've told nobody in the world for fear of discovery.

    Fanny: [greedily] I am the soul of discretion.

    Lucy: If I dared tell...

    Fanny: I can assure you, I'm as silent as the grave.

    [Lucy whispers in Fanny's ear; Fanny's kindly disposition changes abruptly]

    Fanny: [turning against Lucy, enraged and horrified] Viper in my bosom!

  • Fanny: Oh, a cottage! How charming. A little cottage is always very snug.

  • Mrs. Dashwood: We're so happy that you chose to invite Edward to Norland. He's a dear boy. We're all very fond of him.

    Fanny: We have great hopes for him. Much is expected of him by our mother with regard to his profession.

    Mrs. Dashwood: Naturally.

    Fanny: And in marriage. She's determined that both he and Robert will marry well.

    Mrs. Dashwood: Of course. But I hope she desires them to marry for love.

    Fanny: Love is all very well, but unfortunately we cannot always rely on the heart to lead us in the most suitable directions. You see, my dear Mrs. Dashwood, Edward is entirely the kind of compassionate person upon whom penniless women can prey. And having entered into any understanding, he would never go back on his word. He's simply incapable of doing so, but it would lead to his ruin. I worry for him so, Mrs. Dashwood. My mother has made it perfectly plain that she would withdraw all financial support from Edward should he choose to plant his affections in less... exalted ground than he deserves.

  • Fanny: People always live forever when there is an annuity to be paid them.

  • Fanny: My only real concern is how long it will take them to move out.

  • Fanny: They're all exceedingly spoilt, I find. Miss Margaret spends all her time up trees and under furniture. I've barely had a civil word from Marianne.

    Edward Ferrars: My dear Fanny, they've just lost their father. Their lives will never be the same again.

  • Frieda: Do not forget, this guy is buying a virgin, so she's got to act it right. You've got to give him the idea that you don't know nothing. It should be like a rape.

    Josephine: You don't know. Could be a different kind of guy. Someone that wants you to act like she wants it.

    Frieda: The main thing is to whimper and cry when he starts, but then you've got to act like it feels good.

    Violet: I know what to do. Leave me alone.

    Hattie: Well, don't act like you know it all. You won't even get a tip that way.

    Fanny: Violet, you should touch him down there, you know, like it's accidental.

    Violet: I know, I know all that.

  • Mrs Drax: [lying on deathbed] I've just seen the priest.

    Fanny: Oh. Is it time Mrs. Drax?

    Mrs Drax: He was cooking sausages!

    Fanny: Oh, Mrs. Drax, we know that's not true. He'll be safely tucked up in bed.

  • Fanny: Matrimony's an epidemic here and everybody marries millionaires.

    Lizzie: There must be something wrong with Daisy. She's the only girl in the original sextet that couldn't land one.

    Daisy Dell: Aw, go lay a brick.

    Fanny: Don't pay any attention to that Lizzie. She smokes cigarettes!

  • Daisy Dell: Fanny, please.

    Fanny: Now, dearie, his intentions are not honorable.

    Daisy Dell: [Excitedly] Oh, yeah!

  • Fanny: Leaping lobsters!

  • Marius: [angrily insulting Panisse] Lecher!

    Panisse: What?

    Marius: Eunuch!

    Fanny: Oh, Marius, be consistent. He can't be both.

  • Fanny: Why weren't you at the dance last night?

    Marius: Well, I can live without dancing.

    Fanny: I dance practically every dance with Victor. Very good dancer. Very polite and clever too.

    Marius: Victor? Is he that little boy with the large pimples?

    Fanny: Oh the pimples are all gone now.

    Marius: I'm glad to hear it.

    Fanny: They've been replaced by boils.

  • Fanny: Do you know where I've just come from?

    Marius: [Uneasy] No.

    Fanny: Panisse's. I told him I could no marry him.

    Marius: Are you sure you did the right thing?

  • Marius: [Torn between Fanny and his dream] Fanny. Only you can stop me. Now tell me that you love me. Tell me now!

    Fanny: [Weeping] Marius, I tell you... you are free to go.

    Marius: [Heartbroken] Alright. Then it's settled. Each to his love! You will marry Panisse's money, and I will marry the sea!

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