Fabrizio Quotes in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972)


Fabrizio Quotes:

  • Friend: [in Italian] You got to play with her before you lay her.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] For how long?

    Friend: [in Italian] Fifteen minutes. Half hour. Depends on the woman.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] How long with your wife?

    Friend: [in Italian] Thirty seconds.

    Fabrizio: [in Italian, in awe] Lucky!

  • Gina: [in Italian] It was my first time. Did you like it?

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] Me? Are you kidding? More fun than laughing.

  • [Fabrizio tries in vain to get Gina excited]

    Fabrizio: [romantically, in Italian, as he rubs her] Foreplay... foreplay... foreplay... foreplay... foreplay...

    [a long time later, Gina is still insensitive]

    Fabrizio: [sleepily, in Italian] Foreplay... foreplay... foreplay...

    [Fabrizio falls asleep on top of her]

  • Jack: [leaning on the railing on the starboard side, waving to people as the Titanic sets off] Goodbye!

    Fabrizio: You know somebody?

    Jack: Of course not! That's not the point! Goodbye, I'll miss you!

    Fabrizio: Goodbye! I'm gonna never forget you!

  • Fabrizio: [standing with Jack on the bow] I can see the Statue of Liberty already; very small, of course!

  • [Jack and Fabrizio are playing poker in a bar in front of the port]

    Jack: All right, the moment of truth. Somebody's life is about to change. Fabrizio?

    Fabrizio: [in Italian] I have nothing

    Jack: two pairs. I'm sorry, Fabrizio.

    Fabrizio: You should be sorry, you bet all our money!

    Jack: I'm sorry, you're not gonna see your mom again for a long time, 'cause we're going to America, full house boys! Wohoo!

  • Fabrizio: [deleted scene] Helga, you come with me now. I am very lucky is my destiny to go to America please.


    Fabrizio: Come.

    Helga Dahl: [pulls back] I'm sorry.

    Fabrizio: I will never forget you.

  • Kenji: [about the book by Balzac] What's it about?

    Balzac Man: A young man, ambitious, goes to Paris, try to make it there. But why do you ask me what it's about when I'm in the midst of reading it?

    Kenji: Oh, yeah, right. It's just like watching movie; while you're watching it you cannot tell yet.

    Balzac Man: Just like life itself. You can't know about it until you've lived it all.

    Fabrizio: Just like hard-on, you know. You don't know what it feel like until you had one.

    Balzac Man: That's irrelevant.

    Kenji: What does a hard-on have to do with Balzac?

    Fabrizio: Balzac - French, you know.

  • Kenji: I had a very strange dream this morning.

    Fabrizio: Really?

    Kenji: A woman was chasing a guy in Baghdad.

    Fabrizio: Sounds fun.

    Kenji: But I saw them again. I mean, in real life.

  • Fabrizio: And good luck tonight. Hey I got something for you. I got Italian condom. Very nice, very thin... Oh no. I think they gonna be too big for you. You know... Japanese...

    [holds up pinky finger]

    Fabrizio: What they say.

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