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    Eula Goodnight: Reuben, I have to say it. Livin' with you has been an adventure any woman would relish for the rest o' time. I look at cha, with your burned out face and your big belly and your bear-like paws and your shining eye, and I have to say you're a credit to the whole male sex, and I'm proud to have ya for my friend.

    Rooster Cogburn: I'll be damned if she didn't get the last word in again. Well...

  • Eula Goodnight: Just to whom do you think you are talking, Mr. Marshall?

    Rooster Cogburn: You is to whom I think I am talking, Ma'am.

    Eula Goodnight: It's true that you are larger than me... but only physically.

    Rooster Cogburn: In this case, my dear lady, that is enough.

    Eula Goodnight: Do you mean to tell me that you are prepared to use brute force?

    Rooster Cogburn: That is exactly what I mean.

    Eula Goodnight: [pause] Oh.

  • Rooster Cogburn: Say, uh, there's one thing I would like to get straight.

    Eula Goodnight: Hmm.

    Rooster Cogburn: We both know that the Lord brands lyin' a sin. You think He'll still smile on you after them whoppers you told in there?

    Eula Goodnight: And if thy words stray from the truth for the good of God's own, if thy intent be pure, thou shall not then be judged sinful.

    Rooster Cogburn: Beautiful quotation. What book? What chapter?

    Eula Goodnight: I will confess, Reuben, it is of my own invention, I just made it up.

  • McCoy: Do you know anything about rafts? There's rough water down river.

    Rooster Cogburn: I can ride. Can't be much different.

    McCoy: You ain't no sailor. I can see that. Water is like a woman: sly and fickle. You gotta watch it every minute.

    Rooster Cogburn: You a sailor?

    McCoy: I was once. Shanghai McCoy's my name. Been around the Horn, sailed the seven seas, seen everything, done everything, that's how I know people are rotten. I've seen 'em all.

    Eula Goodnight: You're wrong, old man. We're made in God's image, and goodness is in us. Even in you.

    McCoy: Amazing! I never took you for a Bible-thumper.

    Rooster Cogburn: Hold it. She is what she is 'cause she wants to be. That's the way you take her. Like me.

    McCoy: You're wastin' your time preachin'. You too, Sister. I'm a ship that can't be salvaged.

  • Eula Goodnight: I do not fear a skunk. I simply do not care for its odor.

  • Eula Goodnight: [Rooster is getting ready to take a swig of whiskey] Reuben, have you ever seen an enlarged picture of a drunkard's liver?

    Rooster Cogburn: Damnation! Even in her sleep.

    [Hits head on bottom of wagon]

    Rooster Cogburn: Ow!


    Rooster Cogburn: Good night, Ms. Goodnight!

    Eula Goodnight: [Whispers] Good night, Reuben.

  • Rooster Cogburn: That shows you know more about the Lord and His Good Book than you know about men!

    Eula Goodnight: That's my good fortune. I know enough about men to steer clear of them.

  • Eula Goodnight: [the Gatling gun falls in the river] The gun. The gun, Reuben! We've lost the gun!

    Rooster Cogburn: Well, now, sister, just what the hell can I do about it?

  • Rooster Cogburn: How old are you?

    Eula Goodnight: Shall we say it has already struck midnight?

  • Rooster Cogburn: Well, out in the territory, we prize a dead shot more'n we do a lady's charms.

    Eula Goodnight: Then I've come to the right place, haven't I? You mean the men in the West do not mind if their women outshoot and outsmart them?

    Rooster Cogburn: If they're quiet about it. No, here we value a spirited woman almost as much as we do a spirited horse.

  • Eula Goodnight: [referring to her bible quotation] I will confess, Reuben, it is of my own invention. I just made it up!

    Rooster Cogburn: Hallelujah and jubilee, that is one quotation I will remember!

    Eula Goodnight: And will you remember us, too, Reuben?

    Rooster Cogburn: Longer than I'll remember that quotation, Miss Eula.

  • Eula Goodnight: [as Rooster first arrives at the mission] You're too late, lawman.

    Rooster Cogburn: Too late to stop 'em, but not too late to hang 'em.

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