Eugéne François Vidocq Quotes in A Scandal in Paris (1946)


Eugéne François Vidocq Quotes:

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Sometimes the chains of matrimony are so heavy they have to be carried by three.

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: There's no fool so dangerous as a fool with brains.

    Loretta: Except a woman so foolish as to fall in love.

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Women always surprise us by doing the expected.

  • Loretta: Really, I... I should call the police.

    Eugéne François Vidocq: Don't call them until I've bought you another hat.

    Loretta: Another?... another hat? Well, I admit I'm not so rich that I can afford to throw them in the gutter. Hats don't grow on trees, you know!

    Eugéne François Vidocq: I know that some of the latest fashions look as if they did.

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Only the heartless succeed in crime - as in love.

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Try to see further than the point of your knife. If I become chief of police, we'll have a chance to loot the city.

    Emile Vernet: Loot a city? What does that mean?

    Eugéne François Vidocq: Conservatively... fifteen million.

    Emile Vernet: Fifteen...?

    Eugéne François Vidocq: ...million... in gold.

    Emile Vernet: Where is it?

    Eugéne François Vidocq: In the vault of the Bank of Paris.

    Emile Vernet: Bank of Paris? Hmmmnnnn... Such a job! No! Too big for the two of us!

    Eugéne François Vidocq: Yes, but we can enlist the support of your dear family.

    Emile Vernet: Yeah, family!... Yeah, but we'll have to give them a cut.

    Eugéne François Vidocq: A small percentage.

    Emile Vernet: Nah... no percentage! Just a cut!

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Like most good men, I came from a poor but honest family - a little poorer than honest. The difference accounted for my being born in prison. Whenever poor mama expected another baby and consequently needed shelter, it was her custom to steal a loaf of bread and go to prison. She had stolen eleven loaves, served eleven sentences, and had eleven children, when to her misfortunes were added a twelfth. When poor mama went to a better world, leaving me to make the best of this one, what is more natural than that I should often return to the happy scene of my earliest childhood?

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: In crime, as in love, there are only those who do, and those who don't dare.

  • Eugéne François Vidocq: Love and crime make incompatible bedfellows. The most perfect criminal can be traced in court if he leaves his heart behind him as a clue.

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