Eudorus Quotes in Troy (2004)


Eudorus Quotes:

  • Achilles: What's your name?

    [no reply]

    Achilles: Did you not hear me?

    Briseis: You killed Apollo's priests!

    Achilles: I've killed men in five countries, never a priest.

    Briseis: Well, then your men did. The sun god will have his vengeance.

    Achilles: What's he waiting for?

    Briseis: The right time to strike.

    Achilles: His priests are dead, and his acolyte's a captive. i think your god is afraid of me.

    Briseis: Afraid? Apollo is master of the sun, he fears nothing.

    Achilles: Where is he?

    Briseis: You're nothing but a killer! You wouldn't know anything about the gods!

    Achilles: I know more about the gods than your priests. I've seen them. You're royalty, aren't you? Spent years talking down to men.

    [sniffs her hair]

    Achilles: You must be royalty. What's your name? Even the servants of Apollo have names.

    Briseis: Briseis.

    Achilles: Are you afraid, Briseis?

    Briseis: Should I be?

    Eudorus: [poking head through door flaps] My lord, Agamemnon requests your presence. The kings are gathering to celebrate the victory.

    Achilles: You fought well today.

    Eudorus: My lord.

    Briseis: What do you want here in Troy? You didn't come for the Spartan queen.

    Achilles: I want what all men want, I just want it more. You don't need to fear me, girl. You're the only Trojan who can say that.

  • Eudorus: [about Patroclus] He wore your armor. Your sheild, your greaves, your helmet. He even moved like you.

  • Eudorus: We were going to sail home today.

    Odysseus: I don't think anyone's sailing home now.

  • Achilles: Speak.

    Eudorus: Apollo sees everything! Perhaps-perhaps it is not wise to offend him.

    [With his sword, Achilles chops off the head of the Statue of Apollo]

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