Ethan Mascarenhas Quotes in Guzaarish (2010)


Ethan Mascarenhas Quotes:

  • Ethan Mascarenhas: Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love deeply. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile.

  • Ethan Mascarenhas: Life is very short, my friends. But it is long enough, if you live with all your heart.

  • Ethan Mascarenhas: You know, Sofia? I think its the applause I miss the most.

  • Advocate Devyani Dutta: Do you need anything else?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Some sex would be good. Toh mere liye ek packet of condoms and one beautiful, willing woman, please. What do you say?

  • Sofia D'Souza: Radio station has sent a new producer. Shall I send him?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Forget that damn producer! What about my bedsores? You have not done a single thing right since today morning. You seem to forget a lot nowadays. The only thing you do enjoy is changing my pajamas.

  • Omar Siddiqui: May I give you a hug, sir?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Oh no, no, no. I have enough attachments already.

  • Father Samuel: Ethan, our religion does not permit Euthanasia.

    Ethan Mascarenhas: That's why I am appealing in the court, father. And not in the church.

  • Ethan Mascarenhas: You are joining us as well, Father?

    Father Samuel: Haha, Ethan! What you are going to do is a sin.

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Well then may the lord forgive you, father. Because you have just lent your hand in this sin.

  • Sofia D'Souza: That would be two beers and for Mr. Mascarenhas, chicken soup and breadsticks, please.

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Ah you meant fun for you and breadsticks for me? That's entertainment, Sofia style!

    Omar Siddiqui: Sir that's too me!

    Sofia D'Souza: That's okay, Omar! That day remains incomplete for us both without his taunts.

  • Ethan Mascarenhas: Will you marry me, Sofia? I mean now that you are free and all, you know? Will you?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Let me fulfil your wish before going. Say yes, Sofia. You won't get this chance again. Say yes. Say yes, Sofia.

    Sofia D'Souza: Oh Mr. Mascarenhas...

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Ethan... I think you can call me Ethan now.

    Sofia D'Souza: Then you can... you can call me Mrs. Mascarenhas now.

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Whoa! Well now that's a love story!

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Mrs. Mascarenhas...

    Sofia D'Souza: Ethan...

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Till death do us apart.

  • Omar Siddiqui: Sir, Sofia has prepared this soup with a lot of love. Have some of it! If you don't eat then Rosy and Maria will tell Sofia and she will kill me.

    Ethan Mascarenhas: Sofia! Sofia! Sofia! She is made of marble from the outside, and granite from the inside.

    Omar Siddiqui: What a lady no?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady!

    Omar Siddiqui: What a lady!

    Ethan Mascarenhas: What a lady!

  • Omar Siddiqui: So your first magic trick was the raining coins?

    Ethan Mascarenhas: No. The smile on my mama's face. That... was my first magic trick.

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