Estelle Quotes in Hardcore Henry (2015)


Estelle Quotes:

  • Estelle: [inside a helicopter, after shooting Henry several times, Henry falls and she kneels down to him] How could you do this to me, Henry? How could you fucking do this to me? Answer me! Answer me!

    Henry: [places a bloody palm on wall and writes over his blood 'EZ']

    Estelle: [stands up, angrily] Motherfucker!

    [shoots Henry one more time, Henry blocks the bullet with his hand and it ricochets, hitting her on her chest]

    Estelle: [surprised] What happened, Henry?

    [drops gun, starts to walk, stumbles]

    Estelle: [weak and faintly] You were supposed to love me.

    [keeps walking, trips, screams and is now hanging on the exterior part of the edge of the helicopter where the entrance to the door is]

    Estelle: [begging and pleading] Henry! Henry! Listen to your heart.

    Henry: [ignores her, slides helicopter door down to close it where her fingers are and she is heard screaming as she falls to her death]

    [film ends]

  • Estelle: When you love someone, you love all of them... you gotta love everything about them, not just the good things but the bad things too. The things that you find lovable and the things you don't.

  • Estelle: I wanted to tell you the truth!

    Edgar: Unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie.

  • Estelle: You think you know somebody after 25 years. And then one day, Israeli Intelligence comes to the door.

    Anna: "Israeli Intelligence".

    Estelle: Last Tuesday. That's why I've gotta sell the house. It turns out, Carlos was Hitler's pool man.

  • Estelle: I'm desperate! Can we close?

    Walter: We need a little time to...

    Estelle: There is no time! Extradition is Friday.

    Walter: Extradition?

    Anna: I'll tell you later.

    Estelle: I need an answer by the close of business tomorrow.

    Walter: Oh, you'll have it. By the way, you have the most beautifully kept pool I've ever seen.

    [Estelle breaks down and starts crying]

    Walter: What did I say? What did I say?

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