Engineer Quotes in Back to the Future Part III (1990)


Engineer Quotes:

  • [Doc and Marty are about to hijack the train]

    Doc: Reach!

    Engineer: Is this a holdup?

    Doc: It's a science experiment! Stop the train just before you hit the switch track up ahead!

  • [Marty and Doc are asking how fast the train could go]

    Marty McFly: Do you think it's possible to get it up to... 90?

    Engineer: Ha! 90? Tarnation, son, who'd ever need to be in such a hurry?

    Doc: Well, it's just a little bet he and I have, that's all. Theoretically speaking, could it be done?

    Engineer: Well, I suppose if you had a straight stretch of track with a level grade, and you weren't haulin' no cars behind you, and if you can get the fire hot enough, and I'm talkin' about hotter than the blazes of hell and damnation itself... then yes, it might be possible to get her up that fast.

  • Engineer: You can wait over there, across the street at the Orpheum.

    Eli: No, I'll wait here.

    Engineer: Bar is about ready to open.

    Eli: I'll wait here.

    Engineer: You don't trust me, do you?

    Eli: Uh... I'll wait here.

  • [inside the turbine engine room]

    Chief Engineer Joseph Bell: I'll have to cut down more steam.

    Engineer: I'll have to get rid of some of the low watt systems.

    Chief Engineer Joseph Bell: Well, you can cut the boiler room fans for a start. They're using too much electricity.

    Engineer: That'll help.

    Chief Engineer Joseph Bell: Good.

    Engineer: How are things up top, sir? Any chance for us?

    Chief Engineer Joseph Bell: Whatever happens, we've got to keep the lights going. I'll give the word when it's time to go and then it's every man for himself. But it woun't be too long. I heard that the Carpathia is on her way to us. She should reach us any time now.

    [Bell exits]

    Engineer: [to the crewmen] Let's hope they're right, boys. If any of you feel like praying, you'd better go ahead. The rest of you can join me for a cup of tea.

  • Engineer: She's making water fast sir. The mail hold's practically full already.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Aren't the pumps working?

    First Officer William Murdoch: Yes sir.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: [indicates engineer can return to his job] Thank you.

    Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall: The engine room says they'll need more. They're rigging them now.

    Ismay: This is most unfortunate, Captain.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Yes sir.

    Ismay: Do you think the ship is seriously damaged?

    Captain Edward J. Smith: I'm afraid she is.

    [sees Andrews arrive on the bridge]

    Captain Edward J. Smith: Excuse me.

    Ismay: [to Murdoch] How long is this likely to delay us?

    First Officer William Murdoch: Not long, I expect, sir.

    Captain Edward J. Smith: [to Andrews, quietly] We've struck a berg. I think she's badly damaged. I would like to know *how* badly.

    Andrews: Right. I'll go down and have a look.

  • Engineer: [the engineers keep working knowing it is unlikely they will survive] If any of you feel like praying you'd better go ahead. The rest of you can join me in a cup of tea.

  • Engineer: What's this, a hold-up?

    Cody Jarrett: Naw, naw, you're seven minutes late. We're just changin' engineers.

  • The Conductor: Caribou Crossing?

    Engineer: I make this herd to be at least a 100,000, maybe even a million. It's going to be hours before they clear this track!

    Fireman: A tough nut to crack!

    The Conductor: Boy, we are in some serious jelly!

    Engineer: And jam!

    Fireman: Tight spot!

    Engineer: Up a creek!

    Fireman: Up a tree!

    Engineer: In the grass!

    Fireman: I'll tell you what's grass...

  • Engineer: Boys! Are you buzzing?

    John: No thanks, we've got the car!

  • Engineer: What you aimin' to do, pardner?

    Jesse Woodson James: I ain't aimin' to do nuthin'. I'm doin' it. I'm holdin' up this train.

    Engineer: The whole train?

  • Engineer: If they were to give me two more excavators, I'd be a year ahead of the plan by now.

    Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: You're an impatient generation.

    Engineer: Weren't you?

    Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: Yes, we were, very. Oh, don't be so impatient, Comrade Engineer. We've come very far, very fast.

    Engineer: Yes, I know that, Comrade General.

    Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: Yes, but do you know what it cost? There were children in those days who lived off human flesh. Did you know that?

  • Engineer: Hurry up. Get in.

    Farzad: I can't come now.

    Engineer: Why?

    Farzad: I need one more answer for the exam.

    Engineer: What is it?

    Farzad: The fourth question.

    Engineer: You don't know the answer?

    Farzad: No.

    Engineer: Why?

    Farzad: Because I don't.

    Engineer: What was it?

    Farzad: What happens to the good and the evil on Judgment day? "

    Engineer: That's obvious: the good go to Hell, and the evil go to Heaven. Is that right?

    Farzad: Yes.

    Engineer: No. the good go to Heaven, and the evil go to Hell. Hurry in and write that, then come back.

  • Engineer: But it wasn't Farhad who dug Behistun.

    Hole Digger: I know.

    Engineer: Who Then?

    Hole Digger: It was love. The love of Shirin.

    Engineer: Bravo! You must know love.

    Hole Digger: A man without love cannot live.

  • Engineer: [during a train robbery] Who the hell do you think you are, Jesse James?

    Bob Younger: Hell, no! I'm Bob Younger. Jesse James rides with the Youngers. Now, stop the damn train!

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