Emperor Nero Quotes in Quo Vadis (1951)


Emperor Nero Quotes:

  • Emperor Nero: [none of his closest men will die for him in light of the mob's anger over Rome's burning] I'm surrounded by eunuchs!

  • [Nero is exasperated with the mobs]

    Emperor Nero: Do I live for the people or do the people live for me?

    Petronius: You are the sun in their sky! Does the sun have privacy?

    Emperor Nero: The sun has the night! These people expect me to shine daily - hourly!

  • Emperor Nero: Is it possible that human beings can produce such a sound?

    Petronius: Yes, when they've been pushed too far.

  • Emperor Nero: [as the Christians enter the arena to die] They're singing!

  • Emperor Nero: [During the burning of Rome] What do they want?

    Petronius: Justice.

    Emperor Nero: A mob doesn't want justice - they want revenge!

  • Emperor Nero: [annoyed] Why do you stare at me, Acte?

    Acte: My lord, I can only say... when all this sets with the final sun, remember the look of Acte.

    Emperor Nero: [snidely] Why should I remember you?

    Acte: No one loves you as I love you.

    Emperor Nero: I command you to *stop* loving me!

  • Emperor Nero: Poppaea, one woman shouldn't judge another. She hasn't the glands for it. Ha-ha!

  • Emperor Nero: [On learning that Petronius is dead] I shall never forgive him for this!

  • Emperor Nero: [as Vinicius and the other soldiers march past] Come closer. Look. They march as they fight: strong, brave, relentless... our unconquerable children. We must take them to our breast.

    Poppaea: [Obviously attracted to Vinicius and interpreting the double-entendre literally] Yes, my lord.

  • Emperor Nero: Here, wash this!

  • Marcus Vindictus: Oh, Caesar. I've spread civilization to the farthest reaches of the Empire! I've conquered and subdued the barbaric hordes in the name of Rome! I've penetrated into the farthest...

    Emperor Nero: What's under the sheet?

    Marcus Vindictus: Sheet?

    Emperor Nero: SHEET!

    Marcus Vindictus: Oh! Oh, the sheet! Yes, to begin with, Number One, a beautiful, hand-carved, alabaster...

    [whips off the sheet]

    Marcus Vindictus: Bathing basin!

    Emperor Nero: Nice. Nice. Not thrilling, but nice.

  • Emperor Nero: My head is splitting... the wine last night, the music... the delicious debauchery!

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