Emmet Quotes in The Lego Movie (2014)


Emmet Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Duplo: We are from the planet Duplo, and we're here to destroy you.

    Emmet: Oh, man.

  • Emmet: Uh, guys? We're about to crash into the sun.

    Batman: Yeah, but it's gonna look really cool.

  • Emmet: You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it's also true. It's about all of us. Right now, it's about you. And you... still... can change everything.

  • Bad Cop: Playing dumb, Masterbuilder?

    Emmet: No! I- Masterbuilder?

    Bad Cop: Oh, so you've never heard of the prophecy?

    Emmet: No, I...

    Bad Cop: Or the Special?

    Emmet: No! No, I...

    Bad Cop: You're a liar!

    [Starts kicking and wrestling a chair]

    Emmet: Look, um... I watch a lot of cop shows on TV... isn't there supposed to be a-... Isn't there supposed to be a good cop?

    Bad Cop: [Body slams chair and then throws it across the room] Oh yes, but we're not done yet.

    [Face changes to the cheerful Good Cop]

    Bad Cop: Hi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer! Would you like a glass of water?

    [Sets cup of water on table]

    Emmet: Yeah.

    [reaches for cup]

    Emmet: Yeah, actually...

    Bad Cop: [face changes back to Bad Cop] Too bad.

    [Knocks cup off the table]

  • Emmet: [while driving] I wanna go home!

    [a house lands in the middle of the roadway and Emmet crashes into it]

    Emmet: That's not what I meant!

  • Vitruvius: We are entering your mind...

    Emmet: What?

    Vitruvius: To prove that you have the unlocked potential to be a Master Builder.

    [Vitruvius and Wyldstyle make chanting noises around Emmet, followed by a big flash of light]

    Emmet: [floating in space] Whoa, are we inside my brain right now? It's big. I must be smart.

    Vitruvius: I'm not hearing a whole lot of activity in here.

    Lucy: I don't think he's ever had an original thought... in his life.

    Emmet: [chuckles] That's not true. For instance, one time I wanted a bunch of my friends over to watch TV, not unlike this TV that just showed up magically. And not everybody can fit on my one couch, and I thought to myself, well, what if there's such a thing as a bunkbed but as a couch? Introducing the double decker couch! So everyone could watch TV together and be buddies!

    Lucy: That's literally the dumbest thing I ever heard.

    Vitruvius: Please, Wyldstyle, let me handle this. That idea is just the worst.

  • Lucy: [about Batman's song] That's real music, Emmet. It's dark and brooding.

    Emmet: Hey, I can be dark and brooding too - Guys, look, a rainbow!

  • Emmet: Hey, uh, listen. Do you think you can explain to me why I'm dressed like this? And what those big words in the sky were all about? And, like, where we are... in time?

    Lucy: Your home, Bricksburgh, is one of many realms in the universe. There's also this one, Pirates Cove, Knights Club, Vikings Landing, Clown Town, and a bunch of others we don't even mention. Lord Business, or as you think you know him, President Business, stole the Kragl, the most powerful object in the universe...

    [in slow dreamy voice]

    Lucy: ... blah, blah, blah. Proper name. Place name. Backstory stuff...

    Emmet: Mmm-hmmm

    Lucy: [in normal voice] ... is the Special. The Special...

    [in slow dreamy voice]

    Lucy: ... I'm so pretty. I like you. But I'm angry with you for some reason...

    Emmet: Mmm-hmmm

    Lucy: [in normal voice] ... put the Piece of Resistance onto the Kragl and disarm it forever!

    Emmet: Great. I think I got it. But just in case... tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening.

  • Lucy: [President Business demands the Piece de Resistance which Emmet has] We'd rather he die than give it to you.

    Emmet: I... would not rather he died.

  • Emmet: That's the signal, but the shield is still up.

    Batman: Then I guess we'll just have to wing it.


    Batman: That's a bat pun.

  • Emmet: I'm just gonna come right out, I have no idea what's going on or what this place is at all.

    Unikitty: Hi! I am Princess Unikitty, and I welcome you all to Cloud Cuckoo Land!

    Emmet: So there are no signs on anything. How does anyone know what not to do?

    Unikitty: Here in Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are no rules: There's no government, no baby sitters, no bedtimes, no frowny faces, no bushy mustaches, and no negativity of any kind.

    Lucy: You just said the word "no" like a thousand times.

    Unikitty: And there's also no consistency.

    Batman: [the clown and the lizard man are dancing around him] I hate this place.

    Unikitty: Any idea is a good idea except the non-happy ones. Those we push down deep inside where you'll never, ever, ever, EVER find them!

  • Emmet: [to the Master Builders] I have no experience fighting, leading or making plans. It's going to be really hard, but I...

    Metalbeard: [Gets up from his seat, yelling] Really hard?

    [Looming over Emmet]


  • Unikitty: So why did you come back?

    Metalbeard: This be-doubled land couch. I watched Lord Business' forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it!

    Emmet: Oh, thank you.

    Metalbeard: Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think they could possibly be useful.

    Emmet: Oh. Thank you.

  • Vitruvius: Emmet...

    Emmet: Who said that?

    Vitruvius: I did. I am Ghost Vitruvius. Oooooh. Emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier because I died. The reason I made up the prophecy was because I knew that whoever found the piece could become the special. Because the only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be. I know that sounds like a cat poster but it's true. Look at what you did when you believed you were special. You just need to believe it some more.

    Emmet: But how could I just decide to believe that I'm special when I'm not?

    Vitruvius: Because the world depends on it. Ooooohh.

  • [after Batman flies in and saves them]

    Batman: Relax, everybody, I'm here.

    Emmet: Batman!

    [to Lucy]

    Batman: What's up, babe?

    Lucy: Babe!

    Emmet: What?

    Lucy: Oh, sorry.

    [to Batman]

    Lucy: Batman, this is Emmet.

    [to Emmet]

    Lucy: Emmet, this is my boyfriend. Batman.

    Batman: I'm Batman.

    Emmet: That's your boyfriend?

    [Batman swerves his aircraft to avoid getting hit by Bad Cop as he chases after them]

    Emmet: Batman, huh? Where did you guys meet?

    Lucy: It's actually a funny story. Right, Bat...?

    [she turns to see Batman has disappeared]

    Bad Cop: There he is!

    Batman: Police to meet you, Bad Cop.

    [Bad Cop sees Batman has landed on his vehicle]

    Bad Cop: Batman! The pleasure is all mine!

    [Bad Cop punches Batman, then they start fighting on top of Bad Cop's vehicle]

    Batman: Guess what, you big dumb baby? Your car is a baby carriage.

    [Batman transforms Bad Cop's vehicle into a baby carriage and it starts plummeting to the ground]

  • Bad Cop: You were found at the construction site convulsing with a strange piece.

    Emmet: That's disgusting!

  • Emmet: President Business is going to end the world? But he's such a good guy! And Octan, they make good stuff: music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines... wait a minute!

  • Vitruvius: Are you ready?

    Emmet: Yes, I am, I think.

  • Vitruvius: Emmet, you had a vision.

    Emmet: I did?

    Vitruvius: MasterBuilders spend years training themselves to clear their minds enough to have even a fleeting glimpse of The Man Upstairs and yet, your mind is already so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place. With proper training you could become a great MasterBuilder.

  • Vitruvius: My sweet Emmet, come closer. You must know something about the prophecy.

    Emmet: I know. I'm doing my best but... I don't-I don't.

    Vitruvius: The prophecy... I made it up.

    Emmet: What?

    Vitruvius: I made it up. It's not true.

    Emmet: But that means I'm just... I'm not the special?

    Vitruvius: You must listen. What I'm about to tell you will change the course of history...

    [pause then Vitruvius is dead]

  • Emmet: Isn't there a good cop?

    Bad Cop: [Changes to good cop] Hi buddy! Want a cup of water?

    Emmet: Yeah, actually.

    Bad Cop: [Changes back to bad cop]

    [Smacks water away]

    Bad Cop: Too bad!

  • Emmet: Oh my G-O-S-H!

  • Emmet: I think I heard a whoosh.

  • Unikitty: [to Metalbeard] So why did you come back?

    Metalbeard: This be doubled land couch. I watched Lord Business' forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it!

    Emmet: Oh, thank you.

    Metalbeard: Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think they could possibly be useful.

    Emmet: [Disappointed] Oh. Thank you.

  • Emmet: Wildstyle, you're such an amazing person. And, you know, if Batman can't see that then he's just , well, he's just as blind as a guy whose eyes stopped working.

  • Emmet: Ahhhh! I wanna go home!

    Emmet: This is not what I meant!

  • Emmet: Unikitty, you're supposed to follow the instructions, remember?

    Unikitty: Sorry.

  • Emmet: [to Metablbeard] Who are you?

    Metalbeard: The name be Metalbeard. And I'll tell you my tale of woe.

    Vitruvius: Oh, great, here we go again.

  • Chief Sindelar: Tell him he's not in Kansas anymore.

    Emmet: You're not in Kansas anymore Mike.

    Roark: St. Louis, I'm not in St. Louis.

    Emmet: [into phone] St. Louis, he's not in St. Louis.

    Chief Sindelar: I don't give a shit where's he's not! He has a desk now that's where...

    Emmet: [to Mike] He doesn't give a shit. You have a desk, that's where you work.

  • Emmet: Now, if you'd made it Irish whiskey...

  • Father Oliver Van Horne: Desolate place, isn't it?

    Emmet: If God had wanted to give the world an enema, he'd have stuck the nozzle in here.

    Father Oliver Van Horne: What's your opinion of priests?

    Emmet: Well, what would you think of a man who wears skirts or a celibate who wants to be called "Father"?

  • Emmet: That was one hell of a mass, Father!

    Father Oliver Van Horne: I have a small confession to make. All is not quite what it seems.

  • Father Oliver Van Horne: Just what the hell kind of game do you think you're playing?

    Emmet: She goes with us.

    Father Oliver Van Horne: Over my dead body she does.

    Emmet: [points gun at Van Horne] Oh, that can be arranged.

  • Emmet: Holy Saint Patrick!

  • Emmet: Come on, fat man!

    Jennings: My size is due to a glandular condition, Mr. Keogh, and is a subject on which I harbor absolutely no sensitivity.

  • Father Oliver Van Horne: Somebody get my bag. It's in the car.

    Emmet: Where are you going?

    Father Oliver Van Horne: To kill Tomas de la Plata.

  • Chela: Emmet?

    Emmet: For heaven's sake, woman. Don't speak now!

  • Emmet: [whimpering] Die with me!

    Mandy Lane: I'm gonna go finish high school first.

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