Emma Frost Quotes in X: First Class (2011)


Emma Frost Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Erik Lehnsherr: I know we've had our differences.

    Emma Frost: Where's your telepath friend?

    Erik Lehnsherr: Gone. Left a bit of a gap in my life, if I'm to be honest. I was rather hoping you would fill it. Join us.

    Emma Frost: Erik, I believe.

    Erik Lehnsherr: I prefer Magneto.

  • Emma Frost: If that telepath gets into your head, he won't be as much fun as I am.

    Sebastian Shaw: Already taken care of. The Russians made this.

    [reveals a helmet, and puts it on]

    Sebastian Shaw: What am I thinking?

    Emma Frost: I don't know.

    Sebastian Shaw: I was thinking that you're the most exquisite creature I've ever seen.

    [holds up his drink]

    Sebastian Shaw: ...And that this needs ice.

  • CIA Director McCone: The law says we've got to turn her over.

    William Stryker Sr.: The law applies to human beings. The same laws don't apply to mutants. They're too dangerous. In times like this, security is important than liberty. There is a war coming, John.

    CIA Director McCone: Yes, but a war with who?

    [Emma gets up, walks towards them, cuts a circle in the glass and looks at them through the hole]

    Emma Frost: Excellent question. Though I wouldn't call it a war, exactly. That suggests both sides stand an equal chance of winning.

  • Emma Frost: You can stop trying to read my mind, sugar. You're never going to get anything from me while I'm like this.

    [Erik and Charles subdue Emma]

    Erik Lehnsherr: So then you can just tell us. Where's Shaw?

    [uses metal to crack Emma's diamond form]

    Professor Charles Xavier: That's enough, Erik. Erik, that's enough!

    [Erik stops]

    Erik Lehnsherr: All yours, Charles. She won't be shifting into diamond form anytime soon. If she does, just give her a tap.

  • Sebastian Shaw: I hear you blocked the proposal to position nuclear missiles in Turkey. I expect you'll reconsider.

    Colonel Hendry: We've had this conversation. You put our nukes in Turkey or anywhere that close to Russia, and you're looking at war. Nuclear war.

    Sebastian Shaw: I don't ask for favors, Colonel. I express my expectations. So, let me say it again. I EXPECT you'll reconsider.

    Colonel Hendry: The only thing I'll reconsider is having another glass of that delicious champagne.

    [Shaw motions to Riptide, who creates a miniature tornado which blows Hendry across the room. Shaw, Riptide and Emma Frost round on him]

    Emma Frost: [Telepathically] You thinking of running? Hiding? We'd find you, Hendry. There's not a fortress in the world that could keep us out.

    [Shaw motions to Emma, who turns into her diamond form to intimidate Hendry]

    Sebastian Shaw: Magnificent, isn't she, Bob? Genetic mutation. The evolution of the human genome. Where's Azazel?

    [Emma whistles loudly. Azazel teleports into the room]

    Sebastian Shaw: Ah, we don't want the colonel to be late.

    [Azazel offers his hand to Hendry, who takes it, and the two vanish]

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