Emily Newton Quotes in Beethoven (1992)


Emily Newton Quotes:

  • Alice Newton: I don't think words for parts of the body make very good names.

    Emily Newton: He's got one of those, I looked.

    Alice Newton: I'm sure he does but I don't think Daddy would want to stand on the porch at night yelling that out.

    Emily Newton: But that's what you call Uncle Richard.

  • [Beethoven has saved Emily from drowning in the pool]

    Emily Newton: I love you, too. Thanks Beethoven, you saved my life but you better go home now.Mom said to stay in the back yard.

  • Emily Newton: [tearfully to George] Dog killer.

  • Emily Newton: [Mr. Newton looks at Dr. Varnick's "injured" arm] I told you he was lying!

    George Newton: What the hell are you trying to pull?

  • Brillo, Regina's ex-husband & Missy's owner: I've got good news.

    George Newton: Yeah, what's that?

    Brillo, Regina's ex-husband & Missy's owner: The judge threw out Regina's claim. That means I get Missy and Regina gets nothing.

    Ted a.k.a. Shorty: That's great, Brillo.

    Brillo, Regina's ex-husband & Missy's owner: I bought Missy over to see her children. Are they around?

    George Newton: Sure I'll get them. Puppies! Puppies, your mother is here.

    Emily Newton: Puppies! Oh, puppies!

    [Missy's puppies come running down the stairs]

  • [the Newton family search for the puppies]

    Emily Newton: Look!

    [the family stops]

    Emily Newton: Puppy poops.

    Ted a.k.a. Shorty: If it's warm, that means we're close! Touch it.

    Emily Newton: No, YOU touch it.

    Ted a.k.a. Shorty: No, I'm not gonna touch it; you're gonna touch it.

    Ryce Newton: I'll touch it.

    [Ryce slowly puts her fingers down to the object, Emily winces]

    Ryce Newton: [in disgust] It's warm.

    George Newton: Okay, good! They're close. Better wash your hands.

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