Emil Quotes in RoboCop (1987)


Emil Quotes:

  • RoboCop: [seeing Emil drawing his machine gun on him and draws his own gun] Drop it!

    [Emil walks backwards]

    RoboCop: Dead or alive, you're coming with me.

    [Emil realizes who RoboCop really is, for he had heard that statement earlier]

    Emil: I know you. You're dead! We killed you!

    [starts running and firing at RoboCop]

    Emil: We killed you!

  • Emil: [dying after taking an acid bath] Help meeeee...

    Leon Nash: Don't touch me, man!

  • Dougy: We keep robbin' banks but we never get to keep the money.

    Emil: Takes money to make money. We steal money to buy coke then sell the coke to make even more money. Capital investment, man.

    Dougy: Yeah, but why bother making it when we can just steal it?

    Emil: No better way to steal money than free enterprise.

  • [while Murphy arrests Emil, his gang gets the drop on Murphy]

    Leon Nash: Why don't you let us take over from here, Emil?

    [Emil disarms Murphy and then picks up his own shotgun]

    Emil: Your ass is mine.

    Clarence Boddicker: [coming in] No. Not yet it ain't. Well, what have we here?

    [takes Murphy's helmet off and puts it on Emil]

    Clarence Boddicker: You a good cop, hot shot? Well, sure you are. Why, you gotta be some kind of... GREAT cop to come in here all by yourself.

    [strikes Murphy hard behind his knees, dropping him to the ground]

    Clarence Boddicker: Where's your partner? Where's your partner?

    [hits Murphy in the shoulder blade with his rifle butt]

    Joe Cox: [coming in] Well, guys, other one was upstairs. She was sweeeeeeet, mm, mm, mm. I took her out.


    Clarence Boddicker: [to Murphy] I bet that really pisses you off. You probably don't think I'm a very nice guy. Do ya?

    Murphy: Buddy, I think you're slime.

    [gang laughs]

    Clarence Boddicker: See, I got this problem. Cops don't like me, so I don't like cops.

    [Waves the aim of his gun a few times about Murphy's body, mimicking the sound of a tracking device before finally shooting Murphy's right hand off. The gang laughs in hysterics]

    Clarence Boddicker: Well, give the man a hand! He's all yours.

    [the gang laughs watching Murphy struggle to his feet, grasping his bleeding stump]

    Emil: All right, all right. Look out.

    Steve Minh: Turn around, man.

    Joe Cox: Pretty boy. Hey, over here.

    [Murphy turns with great difficulty and faces the gang, who gleefully empty their guns into him, shooting his wounded arm completely off]


  • [the gleeful gang shoots Murphy firing-squad style till... ]

    Joe Cox: Shit! I'm out of ammo.

    Emil: Me, too.

    Joe Cox: [to a mangled Murphy, in sing-songy taunting tone] Does it hurt? Does it hurt?


    Clarence Boddicker: Okay, fun's over.

    [shoots Murphy in the head]

    Clarence Boddicker: Okay, let's get out of here.

    Joe Cox: [to Murphy] Good night, sweet prince.

  • Emil: Smoke?

    Dougy: Nah. You know those things'll kill you.

    Emil: Yeah. D'you wanna live forever?

  • Clarence Boddicker: Hey, Emil! How's the Gray Bar Motel?

    Emil: Not bad.

    [shows his prison uniform]

    Emil: They let me keep the shirt. Nobody popped my cherry!

    Leon Nash: Emil, how ya doin', man? Good to see ya!

    Joe Cox: [Joe pulls up in a stolen car] Hey, hey! First they let me out of jail for free, then what do I find in the prison parking lot but a brand new 6000 SUX. Still got the factory sticker on it!

    Leon Nash: Hey, Clarence! Joey's got a car just like yours, man!

    Joe Cox: Yo, Clarence, what do you think, buddy?

    Joe Cox: [seeing Clarence take out a Cobra Assault cannon] What do you got there, Clarence, huh? Whoa! A new toy! Can I play?

    Clarence Boddicker: Huh? Watch this...

    [Clarence aims the assault cannon at Joe's 6000 SUX]

    Joe Cox: Wait... wait a minute, Clarence! Clarence!

    [BOOM, the car explodes into flames]

    Joe Cox: Ah, shit! Fuck!

    Clarence Boddicker: Nice car, Joe!

    [Clarence makes a kissy kissy face]

    Joe Cox: Fuck you, Clarance.

    Emil: Lemme try that!

    Clarence Boddicker: Clarence Boddicker: Cobra Assault Cannon - state of the art bang - bang!

    [Emil takes the launcher from Clarence and blows up a store with it]

    Emil: [shouts] I LIKE it!

    Joe Cox: [trying to take the launcher from Emil] Give it up, faggot little man!

    Emil: No, butthole! Get your own!

    Clarence Boddicker: Come on!

    [Clarence allows Joe the cannon while Emil fetches another from the car, and both have fun blowing up random things]

  • Clarence Boddicker: [using the GPS map to find RoboCop] He's at the steel mill. Let's go.

    Leon Nash: [yelling to Emil and Joe] All right, cut the horseshit! We're moving out.

    Clarence Boddicker: Come on, Emil. Get your ass in the van!

    Emil: Come on, lard-ass, let's move it!

    Joe Cox: I'll get you, faggot, haha-ha!

  • Emil: What are you, crazy, man?

    Clarence Boddicker: Shut the fuck up and do it! Just do it!

  • Emil: Lord and Lady Everglot, Mr. and Mrs. Van Dort.

    William Van Dort: [to Maudeline] Why... you must be Miss Victoria. Yes, I must say you don't look a day over twenty. No. Oh, yes.

  • Krösa-Maja: Am I meant to stand here until the sun goes down?

    Emil: Why don't you climb down?

    Krösa-Maja: Don't you think I've tried. But with my old legs it's impossible.

    Emil: But you did get up.

    Krösa-Maja: Because I was chased by a mad ram. That's different!

  • Captain Renault: Oh no, Emil, please. A bottle of your best champagne, and put it on my bill.

    Emil: Very well, sir.

    Victor Laszlo: Captain, please...

    Captain Renault: Oh, please, monsieur. It is a little game we play. They put it on the bill, I tear up the bill. It is very convenient.

  • [Rick has been on a long drinking binge]

    Emil: [serving Rick another drink] *You* are becoming your *own* best *customer*!

    Captain Renault: [surprized] Why Ricky, I'm *pleased* with you- *Now* you're beginning to live like a *Frenchman*!

  • Emil: Lesson's over, swing heine.

    Thomas Berger: Hey! It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Do wah, do wah, do wah, do wah, do wah.

  • Emil: I am not a traitor. I just wised up. You will too.

  • Alma: [Emil has promised to preach soberness and is smashing a bunch of bottles of Cherry wine made for Mrs. Petrell] Emil! What are you doing?

    Emil: I'm preaching for soberness. And I'm starting with Mrs. Petrell.

  • Emil: They say they love us, but I could kill them for what they have done to you.

  • [Emil has been waiting on a bench in the courthouse for Amanda and rises as she walks past during recession. She turns angrily and places her hands on her hips, and he is intimidated]

    Amanda Mayfield: Is there something I can do for you?

    Emil: I'm Emil Giddings. I, I made that video you saw.

    Amanda Mayfield: How?

    Emil: Well, I worked at the hospital. I recorded that session between your friend and the alien.

    Amanda Mayfield: Oh! We're very grateful to you. Thank you.

    [She extends her hand to shake his, but he rushes on]

    Emil: The government wanted to hush it up, keep it a secret.

    Amanda Mayfield: Yes, we know.

    Emil: The people had to know about it! It had to be exposed for the public to see, you know?

    Amanda Mayfield: That's what this hearing is doing.

  • Emil: [panicky] So, how are you gonna keep it from laying eggs in other people? Are you gonna put it in a cage, keep it locked up somewhere?

    Amanda Mayfield: Look, there's no evidence that Benjamin is even capable of laying eggs.

    Emil: [not listening] So, are you going to go away, somewhere in the desert, where no one can find you?

    Amanda Mayfield: [sharply] Dr. Norris isn't going to do any of those things. He is going to raise Benjamin as his son, the very best that he can.

  • [Emil leaps out of the public area of the courtroom; he produces and points a gun]

    Emil: It's the ascension of evil! He'll kill all of humanity!

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