Elliot Carver Quotes in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)


Elliot Carver Quotes:

  • Elliot Carver: The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

  • Elliot Carver: Mr. Jones, are we ready to release our new software?

    Jones: Yes, sir. As requested, it's full of bugs, which means people will be forced to upgrade for years.

    Elliot Carver: Outstanding.

  • [the phone in Bond's car ring]

    James Bond: Yes?

    Elliot Carver: Good Morning, Mr. Bond. Elliot Carver. I beleive you have two things that belong to me!

    James Bond: What are you talking about?

    Elliot Carver: The encoder, in the dash of your car...


    Elliot Carver: ...And my wife, in your hotel room!

  • Elliot Carver: According to Eastern philosophy, the body has seven different chakra points. The Energy centers, like the heart, or genitals. The purpose of these implements is to probe those organs, inflicting the maximum amount of pain whilst keeping the victim alive for as long as possible.

    Mr. Stamper: Dr. Kaufman's record was fifty-two hours. I'm hoping to break it.

    James Bond: I would have thought watching your TV shows was torture enough.

  • [Carver has just informed his department heads of the sinking of the Devonshire]

    Elliot Carver: Gentlemen, and ladies, hold the presses. This just in. By curious quirk of fate, we have the perfect story with which to launch our satellite news network tonight. It seems a small crisis is brewing in the South China Seas. I want full newspaper coverage, I want magazine stories, I want books, I want films, I want TV, I want radio, I want us on the air 24 hours a day, this is our moment! And a billion people around this planet will watch it, hear it, and read about it from the Carver Media Group.


    Elliot Carver: There's no news, like bad news.

  • [Bond has taken Gupta hostage and is negotiating with Carver to exchange him for Wai Lin, who herself is being held captive by Carver]

    Elliot Carver: [to Stamper and his security forces regarding Bond] Don't shoot him, yet.

    Mr. Stamper: [to his men over a two-way radio] Hold your fire.

    Elliot Carver: Welcome to my world crisis, Mr. Bond!

    James Bond: Even trade, Elliot; Gupta for Wai Lin. You can't fire the missile without him.

    Elliot Carver: [Holding Wai Lin at gunpoint] And it seems you can't resist any woman in my possession.

    Wai-Lin: What are you waiting for, shoot him!

    James Bond: [to Wai Lin] I told you, we're gonna finish this together!

    Elliot Carver: How romantic! Do you realize how absurd your position is?

    James Bond: No more absurd than starting a war for ratings.

    Elliot Carver: Great men have always manipulated the media to save the world. Look at William Randolph Hearst, who told his photographers, "You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war." I've just taken it one step further.

    [Bond open fires on one of Stamper's men, killing him]

    James Bond: Sorry about that, I've tuned out there for a moment, Elliot.

    Elliot Carver: [to Bond] Touché.

    [to Gupta]

    Elliot Carver: Mr. Gupta, is the missile ready to fire?

    Gupta: Press the magic button, Beijing disappears.

    Elliot Carver: Well, it seems you've outlived your contract!

    [Carver shoots Gupta]

    Elliot Carver: You see, Mr. Bond, I have a backup plan

    James Bond: Uh-huh. So do I.

    [Bond remotely releases a grenade from a case and detonates it, breaching the hull of the stealth boat]

  • Elliot Carver: Mr. Wallace, call the President. Tell him if he doesn't sign the bill lowering the cable rates, we will release the video of him with the cheerleader in the Chicago motel room.

    Mr. Wallace: Inspired, sir.

    Elliot Carver: And after he signs the bill, release the tape anyway.

    Mr. Wallace: Consider him slimed.

  • Elliot Carver: Good morning, my golden retrievers. What kind of havoc shall the Carver Media Group create in the world today? News?

    Newsman: Floods in Pakistan, riots in Paris, and a plane crash in California.

    Elliot Carver: Outstanding!

  • Elliot Carver: Mr. Bond, Ms. Lin. Welcome to Saigon. Please come in.

    James Bond: It's always a pleasure to see you, Elliot.

    Elliot Carver: I wasn't planning on opening this center until tomorrow. But you're just in time to help me finish writing the inaugural story, YOUR obituaries.

  • Elliot Carver: Soon I'll have reached out to and influenced more people than anybody in the history of this planet, save God himself. And the best he ever managed was the Sermon on the Mount.

  • Elliot Carver: Don't you realise how absurd your position is?

    James Bond: No more absurd than starting a war for ratings.

  • [referring to the headline "The Empire WILL strike back"]

    Elliot Carver: I rather like the last one. It isn't even mine.

  • James Bond: Hello Elliot, interesting plan!

    Elliot Carver: So much for German Efficiency!

  • Elliot Carver: When I was sixteen, I went to work for a newspaper in Hong Kong. It was a rag, but the editor taught me one important lesson. The key to a great story is not who, or what, or when, but why.

  • [Carver is revealing his plan to Wai Lin]

    Elliot Carver: What you are about to witness, Ms. Lin, is not so much a missile attack, but the launch of a new world order. In precisely five minutes after your countrymen have attacked the British fleet, I shall retaliate for dear old England by sending this missile into Beijing, where General Chang has just called an emergency meeting of the Chinese High Command. Unfortunately, General Chang will be delayed in traffic, arriving just after the missile has killed your leaders, and too late to stop the air force from sinking the entire British fleet, but he will be just in time to take over the Government, negotiate a truce, and emerge as a world leader, with the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Wai Lin: And what do you get?

    Elliot Carver: Me? oh, nothing. Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next hundred years.

  • Elliot Carver: Fire one missile at the flagship of each fleet. The Chinese will think the British are rattling the saber. The British will think the Chinese are being belligerent. And the media will provide cool, objective coverage. - Let the mayhem begin.

  • Elliot Carver: [Sees Wai-Lin on a surveillance camera] What the hell do I pay you for! If she's there, Bond is there. Stamper, find them

  • Mr. Stamper: Stamper to bridge. Bond is dead.

    Elliot Carver: Delicious!

  • Elliot Carver: Even if they were looking for me, we're on a stealth boat! They can't see me. Or, you. Or, even - your friend, the late Commander Bond. Who is on leave at this moment on his way to the bottom of the South China Sea. He's my new anchor man!

  • Elliot Carver: [referring to Bond and Wai Lin] Mr Stamper, would you please kill those bastards!

  • Elliot Carver: Mr. Gupta, is the missile ready to launch?

    Gupta: Press the magic button, Beijing disappears!

    Elliot Carver: Well, it seems you've outlived your contract!

    [Carver shoots Gupta, instantly killing him]

    Elliot Carver: You see, Mr. Bond, I have a backup plan!

    James Bond: U-huh... So do I!

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