Ella Hirsch Quotes in In Her Shoes (2005)


Ella Hirsch Quotes:

  • Lewis Feldman: My Charlotte taught me everything - cooking, dishes how to use a cell phone - even my old laundry.

    Ella Hirsch: You must miss her.

    Lewis Feldman: Everyday. You?

    Ella Hirsch: Well I didn't know your wife, so no I can't say I do.

    [They laugh]

  • Ella Hirsch: Wrong dresser. It's in the sock drawer.

    Maggie Feller: What?

    Ella Hirsch: My cash. That's what you were looking for, right? That's what you want.

    Maggie Feller: No! god!

    Ella Hirsch: [sigh] Oh, well. I guess after being absent for some 20-odd years I can't expect you to want to have a relationship with me. How much?

    Maggie Feller: How much what?

    Ella Hirsch: *Money*, Maggie! How much *money* were you hoping to get from me?

    Maggie Feller: ...I don't know.

    Ella Hirsch: Yes, you do.

    Maggie Feller: I want to go to New York. Maybe act. I think I'd be good at it.

    Ella Hirsch: humph, clearly!... How much do you need?

    Maggie Feller: Three-grande.

    Ella Hirsch: *That* you would not have found in the sock drawer... How much do you have?

    [Maggie doesn't respond. Ella nods]

    Ella Hirsch: I won't give you three-thousand dollars, but I'll do this; they need help down at the assisted living center. You get that job, stop loafing around here like a princess...

    [Maggie scoffs]

    Ella Hirsch: ... and I will match what you earn, penny for penny.

    Maggie Feller: [Maggie stares at her, shocked] ... You would do that?

    [Ella nods]

    Maggie Feller: ... Why?

    Ella Hirsch: [sighs] Because I'm your Grandmother.

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