Elizabeth Marten Quotes in The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)


Elizabeth Marten Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Eddie: It's Regent 4-8599

    Tom Corbett: [Dials phone]

    Eddie: [leaves apartment, rings Elizabeth's doorbell twice] You're phone's ringing.

    Elizabeth Marten: What?

    Eddie: Your telephone.

    Elizabeth Marten: No it's not, Eddie.

    [Phone rings]

    Eddie: You better pick it up, it could be important, very important. Hurry.

    Elizabeth Marten: Hello?

  • Elizabeth Marten: [Elizabeth opens and closes the door. And walks up to Tom] Tom, I think he's going to be alright now.

    Tom Corbett: A fish is a fish!

    Elizabeth Marten: Tom.

    Tom Corbett: A fish is a fish! And his mother's his mother!

    Elizabeth Marten: That isn't the point.

    Tom Corbett: He doesn't even care about those damn fish! I have to tell him to feed half of the time it just takes him about two seconds to give him a little!

    Elizabeth Marten: He needed to cry!

    Tom Corbett: Well then cry according to the size of it!

    Elizabeth Marten: It doesn't work that way!

    Tom Corbett: Well I don't agree. Look if you're sad you cry. You don't save up your tears and go to a sad movie do you?

    Elizabeth Marten: But we do! We all do! Were do you think we get the tears we cry at a movie?

    Tom Corbett: Tears for a mother cannot be the same as tears for a fish!

    Elizabeth Marten: Oh Tom can't we talk about this calmly? I want to help so much.

    Tom Corbett: Thank you very much! And thank you for kind plus and your fudge but we're doing just fine.

    Elizabeth Marten: I'm very sorry for all of you! Please forgive me!

    [Elizabeth runs away from Tom, opens the door, goes back to her room and slams her door shut]

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