Eleanor Duvall Quotes in Eight Crazy Nights (2002)


Eleanor Duvall Quotes:

  • Eleanor Duvall: They were giving out free lobster bibs in the bathroom.

    Whitey: That's not a lobster bib Eleanore its a germ protector for your tushey.

  • Eleanor Duvall: Holy shit, did the mall just say something?

  • Davey: Can I prance around with my morning erection?

    Whitey: If you do you'll want an automatic ejection cause that's a technical foul!

    Eleanor Duvall: But I would like to see it anyway!

  • Eleanor Duvall: It's a home invasion! Take whatever you want, but please don't chop my legs off!

    Whitey: It's okay Eleanore! It's okay!

    Eleanor Duvall: Whitey, thank god you're here! We're being robbed by a lunatic! Mister, if you're going to kill us, take off your wet shoes? They're soaking the carpet.

    Whitey: Eleanore, that's Davey Stone, my new partner.

    Eleanor Duvall: The criminal? Did he force you to bring him here so he could molest you?

    Whitey: His home just went up in flames. So I invited him to stay with us for a while.

    Eleanor Duvall: All right. But I'm taking an inventory of everything alive and accounted in this house.

    Eleanor Duvall: Look, he already stole something! He's hiding it in his jacket.

  • Eleanor Duvall: Whitey, where were you? You're an hour and 51 minutes late. I already called the Morgue. They said you weren't there but to try back later.

  • Eleanor Duvall: Hey, look! He already stole something!

    Davey: It's a letter from my parents.

    Eleanor Duvall: Well why don't you go live them?

    Davey: They died.

    Eleanor Duvall: My bad.

  • Eleanor Duvall: [as Davey enters] Oh my goodness - it's a home invasion robbery! Please, mister, take whatever you want but please don't chop my legs off!

  • Davey Stone: How did you get so good on the ice, anyway?

    Whitey: In the '50s I refed youth hockey for a couple of seasons.

    Eleanor Duvall: Until a hockey puck struck him in the back of the head.

    Whitey: Nothin' a metal plate couldn't fix.

    Eleanor Duvall: You were in a coma for three months.

    Whitey: I needed the rest, anyway!

  • Eleanor Duvall: You're an animal.

    Davey Stone: And you're bald!

    [rips her wig off]

    Eleanor Duvall: Not again.


    Whitey: You're not welcome in my house.

    Davey Stone: Good, your house SUCKS!

    Jennifer: Do you have to be mean to everybody who tries to help you?

    Davey Stone: That's my problem!

    [tosses wig which hands on the Waiter's head]

    Chinese Waiter: He just a no-goodnik, and *I* am the real Kristi Yamaguchi

    Narrator: Wow. Just when you started to really like Davey, he goes and has a butthole relapse.

  • Eleanor Duvall: You know, I read recently in Reader's Digest that people who let themselves cry when they're hurting are often stronger than the people who try to hold all their pain inside.

    Davey Stone: Did you read anything about a deformed referee who spends 35 years trying to win some stupid patch, so he can pretend people actually like him?

    Eleanor Duvall: Which month was that in?

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