Elder Wiggs Quotes in Wagon Master (1950)


Elder Wiggs Quotes:

  • Uncle Shiloh Clegg: You boys ever draw on anybody?

    Travis Blue: No, sir. Just snakes.

    [later, after Travis shoots Clegg]

    Elder Wiggs: I thought you never drew on a man?

    Travis Blue: That's right, sir. Only on snakes.

  • [repeated line]

    Travis BlueElder Wiggs: Wagons West!

  • Travis Blue: [of the indians] Near as I can figure out, he don't seem to like white men.

    Sandy: Yeah, he say's we're all thieves.

    Elder Wiggs: Smarter then he looks!

    [Sandy speaks Navajo, evidently translating what Elder Wiggs had just said]

    Elder Wiggs: Don't tell him that, you fool! Tell him we're Mormans!

    [the Navajos speak in their native touge, mutterring "Mormany" repeatedly]

    Elder Wiggs: What'd he say?

    Sandy: Say's the Mormans are his brothers. Say's they ain't big thieves like most white men. Just little thieves.

    Elder Wiggs: Right complementery, ain't he?

  • Elder Wiggs: [to Sandy] Keep your shirt on, son. Your face looks honest to me even if it is homely.

  • Elder Wiggs: [to Travis] Hey, you wouldn't, uh, happen to know that San Juan River country, would you?

    Sandy: Yeah, we know it. What about it, Grandpa?

    Elder Wiggs: [Taking offense] Now look here, don't you be grandpa-ing me, you young whippersnapper! I'll bull you off that fence and fan your britches for you! Goddarn...

  • Elder Wiggs: You boys mind tellin' me if you're drinkin' men?

    Travis Blue: Nope. Got a brother who's a drunkard though.

    Elder Wiggs: You ever chew?

    Travis Blue: [Dryly] Tried it once.

    Elder Wiggs: Use the words of wrath?

    Travis Blue: Only tolerable well.

    Elder Wiggs: Are you family men?

    Travis Blue: No, sir.

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