Edwina Cutwater Quotes in All of Me (1984)


Edwina Cutwater Quotes:

  • Roger: You'll have to do it.

    Edwina Cutwater: Do what?

    Roger: You know, take it out.

    Edwina Cutwater: Take what out?

    Roger: The little fireman.

    Edwina Cutwater: The little fireman?

    Roger: You know, my penis.

    Edwina Cutwater: How dare you say penis to a dead person.

  • Edwina Cutwater: Guess what I'm going to do?

    Roger: What?

    Edwina Cutwater: I'm going to come back from the dead.

    Roger: Aaahhhh. And what makes you think you can do that?

    Edwina Cutwater: Because I'm rich.

  • Burton Schuyler: Are you strong enough to continue?

    Edwina Cutwater: What? Oh, I'm fine. Really. I'm fine. Tell them.

    Dr. Betty Ahrens: She could drop dead any minute...

    Edwina Cutwater: Don't mind her. She is only trying to make me feel good.

  • Edwina Cutwater: I can't believe this. I can't even die right.

  • Edwina Cutwater: Just tell him what happened. I'm sure he'll believe you.

    Roger: (thinks) What, are you kidding? I don't even believe it. If I tell him, he'll definitely have me put away.

  • Roger: What the hell are you doing in there?

    Edwina Cutwater: Oh God, don't you guys get enough laughs up there? What have I ever done to you?

  • Edwina Cutwater: I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry I ruined your birthday.

  • Edwina Cutwater: You are rude, crude, and thoroughly unattractive.

  • Edwina Cutwater: You know, you don't have to speak out loud. I can hear your thoughts.

    Roger: Great, just what I've always wanted.

  • Edwina Cutwater: Well I don't see why you're getting so upset about all this.

    Roger: Because I want my body back. And I want my freedom and my privacy. And most of all, I'd like to be able to take a leak without being fondled.

    Edwina Cutwater: You may find this hard to believe, but 'fondling you' while you make pee-pee is not my idea of a good time.

  • Edwina Cutwater: Hmm, we seem to have mutual control over our body.

    Roger: OUR body? This is my body! I'm not sharing my body with anyone!

    Hardhat: [overhears] Everybody's gonna be real disappointed.

  • Terry Hoskins: [Roger and Terry start to have sex and she lowers his underwear] Roger, what's wrong?

    Roger: What?

    Terry Hoskins: Don't I excite you?

    Roger: Edwina, what are you doing?

    Edwina Cutwater: I'm thinking of very old nuns.

    Roger: Please don't do this to me!

    Terry Hoskins: Roger, don't you want me?

    Roger: [Bolts from the bed] Oh, God! Now she's thinking of dead kittens!

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