Eduardo Quotes in Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Eduardo Quotes:

  • Eduardo: I am not afraid of your jelly guns.

    Dr. Nefario: Oh, this ain't no jelly gun, sunshine.

    [uses the fart gun on El Macho, knocking him out cold from the stench]

  • Eduardo: [reunited with his daughter] I'm sorry I can't imagine how alone you must've been

    Jewel: Daddy I wasn't alone

    [points to Blu]

    Jewel: Blu found me

  • Carla: [seeing her mother give a tearful laugh] Mom? are you okay?

    Eduardo: [drops Blu] MOM?

    [turns to face his grandkids]

    Eduardo: I'm a grandpa?

    [taking it in]

    Eduardo: I'm a grandpa...



    Jewel: [as her father laughs] Daddy... this is Carla... Bia... and Tiago

    Bia: Nice to meet you sir!

    Eduardo: There is no need for any sir... you can call me pop-pop

    Carla: Pop-pop? Ohh I like that

  • Tiago: Look dad... i can fly backwards

    Eduardo: You're never too late to learn Tiago

  • Blu: Kids go easy on old Pop-pop

    Eduardo: [annoyed] HEY

    [glares at Blu]

    Eduardo: You can call me sir!

  • Eduardo: [Before swooping onto the loggers] Lead the way Blu!

    Blu: [Overjoyed at his father in law saying his correct name] HA! That's my name! Yes... I am Blu!

    [Eduardo a-hums him]

    Blu: Oh... right... Birds of blue feather...

    JewelTiagoCarlaBia: [Joined by the entire flock] ... HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!

  • Jewel: [On learning her husband is facing the loggers solo] No daddy... I'm not going with you!

    Eduardo: You have to go! I will NOT PUT MY FAMILY IN DANGER!

    Jewel: BLU... IS MY FAMILY... and I'm not about to leave him!

    Blu: [from off-screen] You don't have too!

    Jewel: [Touches her beak with his] Are you okay!

    Blu: [Looks to his father in law] Look Eduardo... I may not be the birdy-lest bird in the flock... but for once that's a good thing! You know the jungle... I know humans!

  • Eduardo: Buenos días señor, le apetece algo de comer?

    Elliot Richards: Como dices? Yo no hablo español... un momento! estoy hablando en español! Que diablos! Realmente estoy hablando en español!


    Elliot Richards: Que tal que Mrs Klein mi profesora de español me pudiera oir, ella siempre decía que yo no podía juntar dos frases, seguro estaba equivocada...


    Elliot Richards: Hola! Mucho Gusto! Me llamo Elliot! Hola Juan, hola Esteban, dónde esta esa biblioteca? esa es la casa de mi tía, no gracias, soy alérgico a los crustaceos

    [laughs again]

    Eduardo: Señor, se siente bien?

    Elliot Richards: Muy bien! mejor no podría estar!

  • Eduardo: You gonna eat a lot with us tonight, now?

    Julia: What do you recommend, Eduardo?

    Eduardo: You like pasta?

    Julia: Very much.

    Eduardo: I gonna bring you three pounds of it, the best you ever tasted. You gonna love it.

    Eduardo: [to Daniel] What about you, my friend? You like, eh, shrimp?

    Daniel Miller: Um, yeah.

    Eduardo: We can make it so fresh they crawl up and put it in your plate themselves.

    Daniel Miller: Aren't they high in cholesterol?

    Eduardo: I don't know what you're talking about, but they high in everything. Don't worry about it.

  • [Don Baulio has chosen the next one to go after Barabarosa]

    Don Braulio Zuvalla: Eduardo. You are the one. You will go after Barabarosa. Will you know him?

    Eduardo: Si, I will know him. From the songs we sing and the stories we tell, I will know him.

    Don Braulio Zuvalla: Kill him; kill this Barbarosa. Bring me his cojones. Bring them to me on a stick so we can see them and honor you.

  • Eduardo: Barbarosa is dead. He is dead. I killed him with my knife.

    Don Braulio Zuvalla: You bring me no proof. Where are his cajones?

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