Eduard Delacroix Quotes in The Green Mile (1999)


Eduard Delacroix Quotes:

  • John Coffey: [whispers] Boss? Needs ta see ya down here...

    Paul Edgecomb: [rolling around the floor in pain from his urinary tract infection] This is not a good time... John Coffey.


    Paul Edgecomb: Not a good time at all.

    John Coffey: But I needs ta see ya, Boss. I needs ta talk t'ya.

    [Paul reluctantly gets up and stammers towards John]

    John Coffey: Closer...

    Paul Edgecomb: I'm alone here right now, John. Figure this is close enough.

    John Coffey: Boss, please. I got to whisper in your ear.

    Eduard Delacroix: [as Paul moves up closer] Boss? You know you not s'pose to do that...

    Paul Edgecomb: Mind your business, Del!

    [Paul moves up closer in front of John's cell]

    Paul Edgecomb: [exhaustively] What do you want, John Coffey?

    John Coffey: [Coffey stares at Paul] Just to help.

    [John suddenly reaches out of the prison bars, grabs Paul and aggressively holds him up close. Thinking he is being attacked, Del starts screaming for the other guards as Paul instinctively tries to reach for his revolver]

    Paul Edgecomb: [struggling in Coffey's grasp] What... are... you... doing?

  • John Coffey: That's a smart mouse, Del, he's like a circus mouse.

    Eduard Delacroix: Correct, that's just what he is too. He's a circus mouse. When I get outta here, he's gonna make me rich.

  • Eduard Delacroix: [In the electric chair, about to be executed] Don't forgot about Mouseville.

    [Paul nods and smiles]

    Percy Wetmore: [whispering] Hey!

    [Del looks at Percy]

    Percy Wetmore: There's no such place!

    [Paul and Brutus exchange appalled looks]

    Percy Wetmore: It's just a fairytale these guys told you to keep you quiet. Just thought you should know... faggot!

    [Paul and Brutus look shocked]

  • Eduard Delacroix: [after Coffey shares his cornbread with Del] I thank you. Mr. Jingles thank you, my mom would thank you too but she's dead.

  • Percy Wetmore: Well, well, well, looks like you've got yourself a new friend there, Del.

    Eduard Delacroix: Don't hurt him!

    Percy Wetmore: [to the guards] That the one I chased?

    Paul Edgecomb: Yeah, that's the one. Del's been asking for a box' might keep it for a pet. What do you think?

    Percy Wetmore: You know what? We oughta find a cigar box and some paper from the dispensary to line it with. Yeah, yeah, that should do real nice.

    Paul Edgecomb: Man said get a cigar box.

  • Eduard Delacroix: [Wetmore has just stamped on Mr. Jingles] Oh, you're a mean bastard, Mr. Wetmore!

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